Portia Simpson Miller’s Latest Tirade Proves Yet Again She’s Unfit to Lead

Jamaica’s Opposition Leader Portia Simpson Miller’s latest tirade proves yet again that she is temperamentally unfit to lead the People’s National Party or the country.

portia simpson miller
Portia Simpson Miller Should Publicly Apologize for Shameful Meltdown [Photo Credit: Facebook]
Simpson Miller posted a statement on Facebook, saying, “I regret any discomfort my comments have caused.” In essence, she isn’t walking back her comments, she issuing a non-apology for her comments at a meeting in St. Ann south east. She seemed to threaten three dissenters saying, “this is one woman who never run from a fight with anyone yet.”

Simpson Miller is heard on audio saying, “I represent one of the strongest constituencies in Jamaica; don’t play with me, I don’t play games. I work hard for this movement from 1974 ‘til now, nuh boy, nuh gyal can’t talk to me… I will come back here for another meeting and I know who I will bring.” She seemed to be referencing her St. Andrew south western constituency.

Here’s the full rant:

Simpson Miller’s remarks were prompted after some members of the PNP dissented over the candidates being nominated to represent the party in the upcoming local government elections.

Here’s the Portia’s rant in another incident:

  • Letruth

    Rubbish! Politicians melt down all the while. There are many such in the JLP and the most notorious melter is the president-elect of the USA. It happens to many great leaders of homes, countries and other institutions. Get over it. There’s a lot more damaging rhetoric in dancehall, hip-hop and in the name of Jesus!