Donald Trump Has Meltdown Over Possibility Democrat Jon Ossoff Could Flip Georgia 6th District

donald trump jon ossoff
Donald Trump Has Meltdown Over Democrat Jon Ossoff and Georgia 6th Special Election

Donald Trump has an early morning meltdown over Democrat Jon Ossoff as he leads the crowded field in Georgia’s special election for sixth congressional district. This comes after he attacked Ossoff as a “super Liberal Democrat” in a tweet and robocall yesterday.

Trump tweeted:  “Democrat Jon Ossoff would be a disaster in Congress. VERY weak on crime and illegal immigration, bad for jobs and wants higher taxes. Say NO.”

He then followed that up with a second unhinged tweet: “Republicans must get out today and VOTE in Georgia 6. Force runoff and easy win! Dem Ossoff will raise your taxes-very bad on crime & 2nd A.”

Of course, he lies in both tweets. Jon Ossoff isn’t about flooding the country with illegal immigrants, nor will he raise taxes. He is not bad for jobs. In fact, he is the face of embracing technology and change.

Two new polls show his approval rating at historic lows compared to previous presidents during the same time frame. Gallup poll finds his approval rating at 41% while Pew Research finds him at 39%. That’s as his numbers among women and key metrics such as keeping his promise craters to all-time lows.