Putin Trying to Save His Asset Donald Trump, Offers to Hand Over Records of Meeting

donald trump
Putin Trolls Donald Trump by Offering to Release Lavrov Meeting ‘Records’ to Congress

Russian President Vladimir Putin wants to save his asset Donald Trump by offering to release ‘records’ of Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s Oval Office meeting to the Congress if the White House approves.

NBC News reports, “Putin said during a joint news conference with the visiting Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni that U.S. politicians seem to be provoking an “anti-Russian sentiment,” which is either “stupid” or “dangerous,” according to The Associated Press.”

Um, to have a murderous dictator try to help you is just really, really bad. This comes as the Trump White House is engulfed in flames after the James Comey memo was leaked to the New York Times in which he said Trump asked him to halt the Michael Flynn investigation.