DISGRACE: Handbag Designer Ivanka Trump Sits With World Leaders at G20 Summit

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DISGRACE: Handbag Designer Ivanka Trump Sits With World Leaders at G20 Summit [Photo Credit: Wikipedia]
It is disgraceful that handbag designer Ivanka Trump, who was not elected and has ZERO experience on policy matters, sat at a table with world leaders while her father held bilateral meetings at the G20 Summit. Can you imagine if Malia Obama or Chelsea Clinton had done so? The rightwing freak-out would be nonstop.

Um, we didn’t vote for Ivanka Trump for anything. I might also add a majority of Americans didn’t vote for her daddy either.

Ivanka sat between British Prime Minister Theresa May and Chinese President Xi Jinping at a G20 leaders session on African migration and health (of course, Trump wasn’t available for the session on Africa). What an insult to those leaders? A rich ignoramus who was not elected by the American people to serve in the administration.

“G-20 leaders are allowed to bring staff into the room for some of the meetings, and when other leaders stepped out during today’s session, their seats were briefly filled by others. Ivanka… But her presence at the table is the sort of blurring of lines — between family and official business — that Donald Trump is often criticized for, and it would be unusual for world leaders to have family members take their place at their table,” Bloomberg reports.

This behavior is only seen in authoritarian regimes, such as Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe’s administration, where his daughter holds a top position though she has no experience. The Republican Party is dumbing down itself to allow Donald Trump to run the presidency like a family business, while raking in millions in he and his family’s pockets.

This isn’t normal behavior that occurs in a democracy. It’s a travesty how far America has fallen with the election of a bunch of kleptocrats. The stink won’t come off for decades.

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