Russian Facebook Ads Targeted Wisconsin and Michigan, Gee, I Wonder Why?

russian facebook ads targeted wisconsin
Russian Facebook Ads Targeted Wisconsin and Michigan, Gee, I Wonder Why?

Russian Facebook ads targeted Wisconsin and Michigan, two states Donald Trump bragged that he would win during the presidential campaign. Gee, I wonder how Russia knew to target those two states?

“A number of Russian-linked Facebook ads specifically targeted Michigan and Wisconsin, two states crucial to Donald Trump’s victory last November,” CNN reports.

“Some of the Russian ads appeared highly sophisticated in their targeting of key demographic groups in areas of the states that turned out to be pivotal… The ads employed a series of divisive messages aimed at breaking through the clutter of campaign ads online, including promoting anti-Muslim messages.”

“As part of their investigations, both special counsel Robert Mueller and congressional committees are seeking to determine whether the Russians received any help from Trump associates in where to target the ads.”

This news comes as the Senate Intelligence Committee is set to sound the alarm on Russia:

“Senate Intelligence Committee leaders are expected on Wednesday to largely endorse the intelligence community’s findings that Russia sought to sway the 2016 U.S. election through a hacking and influence campaign as they sound the alarm that states preparing for the coming election season must be vigilant against similar threats,” the Washington Post reports.