vladimir putin

Vladimir Putin Con: Donald Trump Believes His Denial of Meddling in the US Elections

Russian President Vladimir Putin painted Donald Trump in a corner saying he thinks he believes that he did not meddle in the 2016 presidential...
donald trump

Russian FM Sergey Lavrov: Donald Trump Backed Down in Front of Vladimir Putin

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov is pouring cold water all over Donald Trump, basically saying he wussed out in front of President Vladimir Putin...
poland's first lady's hand

Donald Trump Tries to Shake Poland’s First Lady’s Hand and Gets Rejected — Watch

Donald Trump tried to shake Poland's First Lady Agata Kornhauser-Duda's hand and gets rejected! She went straight to Melania Trump and shook her hand leaving...
donald trump

Sad: Polish Government Promises Donald Trump Cheering Crowds for Warsaw Speech

Sad. The Polish government reportedly promised Donald Trump there would be cheering crowds on hand to welcome him when he delivers a speech in...
angela merkel's party

FRIENDSHIP OVER: Angela Merkel’s Party No Longer Referring to US as a “Friend”

The friendship is over between Germany and the U.S. “In their campaign program for the German election, Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservatives have dropped the term...
donald trump emmanuel macron invite

SMH: Donald Trump Has Yet to Respond to Emmanuel Macron’s July 14 Invite

PARIS (Reuters) - The United States has yet to say whether President Donald Trump will accept an invitation by President Emmanuel Macron to attend...
ivanka trump finsbury park attack

Ivanka Trump Tweets About Finsbury Park Attack While Donald Trump Remains Silent

Ivanka Trump posted a tweet about the Finsbury Park attack that left one dead, several injured outside a mosque in London. But her father,...
donald trump sadiq khan

Donald Trump Continues to Attack London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan by Twisting His Words

Donald Trump continues to shamefully attack London Mayor Sadiq Khan by continuing to twist his words following the latest terrorist attacks in the United...
us embassy london contradicts trump

US Embassy London Directly Contradicts Trump, Praises Mayor Sadiq Khan’s “Strong Leadership”

The US Embassy in London directly contradicted Donald Trump by praising Mayor Sadiq Khan for his "strong leadership" following the terrorist attacks that left...
mayor sadiq khan

Twitter Obliterates Donald Trump for Shamefully Attacking London Mayor Sadiq Khan

Twitter ripped Donald Trump for shamefully attacking London Mayor Sadiq Khan and taking his words out of context to imply that he was downplaying...

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