Comedian D.L. Hughley Calls Columbus Short’s Estranged Wife a “Thirsty B*tch”

Comedian D.L. Hughley Calls Columbus Short's Estranged Wife a "Thirsty B*tch"

Comedian D.L. Hughley Calls Columbus Short’s Estranged Wife a “Thirsty B*tch”

Domestic violence should never be used as a punchline by anyone and it’s reprehensible that comedian D. L. Hughley mock ex-Scandal star Columbus Short’s estranged wife, Tuere McCall-Short, who has repeatedly said she fears for her life because of her husband’s violence towards here. He went nuclear on his radio show saying:

“The star of one of the hottest dramas in the country, chokes the f*ck out of his wife? That doesn’t ever happen. I don’t think it happened first off. Like the time Warren Sapp was getting ready to do the Super Bowl and some broad said that he raped her. There are just as many examples of women lying on men in the middle of divorce proceedings to get what they want, as there are men who actually do anything. My point is if he did what she’s alleging he did, she could still get all that she’s going to have and not bring it up now, when it damages his market value that she’s going to be impacted by. If he loses that job nobody’s living in Calabasas anymore.” 

Hughley added, “I guarantee you, three years from now she’s going to be thinking, “Damn, I should have shut the f*ck up. Cuz women always running out the mouth when they shouldn’t.”  When his co-host, Jasmine Sanders, tried to interject, he shot her down, chanting “dizzy ass broad” and “dizzy b*tch” in the background. Really? That’s comedy?

Sanders was trying to argue that McCall-Short didn’t run to the tabloid when the news broke about her marital woes, but she filed a police report and got a restraining order from the court. TMZ broke the story.

Hughley dismissed Sanders saying that if it hadn’t gone public, she would have sold it to the media. When she accused him of hating women, he said, “I don’t hate women. I hate dumb bitches. I hate women who act against their interests.”

I would urge everyone to sign the petition on asking for an apology from D. L. Hughley and hold Reach Media’s BlackAmericaWeb accountable for seemingly lending credence to the comedian’s despicable comments with an article entitled, Why Columbus Short’s Wife Should Keep Her Mouth Shut.”

UPDATE:  D.L. Hughley has issued an apology for his despicable mockery of domestic violence:

Last week during an after-show segment of my radio show, “The DL Hughley Show,” I unintentionally offended some people.

In regards to Columbus Short’s legal issues, I jumped to a conclusion and blamed Tanee McCall-Short; and I’m sorry. My intent was not to quiet victims.

When I did speak of the topic on air, I repeatedly emphasized then, and as I do now, that anyone who is convicted of domestic violence, should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law; and that is what I believe.

Today, as always, the phone lines to The DL Hughley Show will be openB. We’ll address this topic with the DL Question of the Day and will discuss it throughout the show today from 3pm – 7pm ET.

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D. L. Hughley Breaks the News to Take Final Curtain Call at the End of March

According to TVNewser, “D. L. Hughley Breaks the News,” will take its final curtain call at the end of the month and they are saying that the decision was Hughley’s. Right. According to CNN, Hughley approached management to make the show permanently based in Los Angeles, where his family resides.

CNN: To accommodate this, we agreed upon a new role where he will be a contributor for the network based in Los Angeles. We are eager to continue our relationship with D.L., who is a tremendous talent and a valued colleague.”

Wouldn’t it be a tremendous cost factor to maintain a show that averaged about 200,000 viewers in the 25-54 year old demographics in recent weeks? It seems that way to me. To top it off, CNN came under tremendous fire after the first show, which was offensive to many because of the negative stereotypes highlighted. I have heard of forced terminations in the guise of a resignation. Sorry, I am just not buying CNN’s explanation. This show was doomed from the start. I will give him credit for trying. His ratings reportedly peaked at 1.51 million total viewership for the second show. The show averaged 284,000 for 18 episodes.

Kathy Griffin Makes the CNN S-List After Arguing with Heckler on Live New Year’s Eve Broadcast

Comedienne Kathy Griffin is the embodiment of the adage — if you lay down with dogs, you’ll get up with fleas. CNN has once again used poor judgement in its choice for a comedian. First, D.L. Hughley gets his own show, which is packed with stereotypical jokes. But, what did they expect when they hired Kathy Griffin to co-host the New Year’s Eve broadcast with Anderson Cooper? She’s a potty-mouth who doesn’t deserve to be on prime time. I think that they got the message this time. She’s doomed to the s-list after answering a heckler with a shrieking, vulgar tirade during the network’s live New Year’s Eve broadcast. “Screw you,” she told the heckler. “Why don’t you get a job, buddy? You know what? I don’t go to your job and knock the d— out of your mouth.”

The raunchy exchange, which occurred long after the ball dropped at midnight, was received with guffaws by the camera crew. As the night progressed, Anderson Cooper seemed to become increasingly uncomfortable with Griffin’s off-color remarks, including her request to “get a pap smear from [CNN medical reporter] Dr. Sanjay Gupta,” and her description of former CNN host Glenn Beck as a “heroin addict Mormon.”

Making outlandish comments is nothing new with Griffin. As you will recall, while she was accepting an Emmy for her Bravo show in 2007, she said: “A lot of people come up here and thank Jesus for this award. I want you to know that no one had less to do with this award than Jesus. So, all I can say is, ‘Suck it, Jesus.’ This award is my god now.” Her speech was denounced by Christian groups and largely edited out of the later broadcast.

What Kathy Griffin did on CNN yesterday morning was priceless and they deserved every minute of it. I would venture to say, she won’t be invited back for the next New Year’s Eve broadcast.