DOJ: George Zimmerman Won’t Face Federal Charges for Killing Trayvon Martin

Report: DOJ Finds No Evidence Zimmerman Intentionally Violated Trayvon Martin's Civil Rights

Report: DOJ Finds No Evidence Zimmerman Intentionally Violated Trayvon Martin’s Civil Rights

ABC News is reporting that the Justice Department found no evidence George Zimmerman intentionally violated Trayvon Martin’s civil rights when he fatally shot him in Sanford, Fla. In other words, he will not face any federal charges. The teen was not armed when he was killed in February, 2012.

Here’s the entire press release from the DOJ on Trayvon Martin case:

The Justice Department announced today that the independent federal investigation found insufficient evidence to pursue federal criminal civil rights charges against George Zimmerman for the fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin on Feb. 26, 2012, in Sanford, Florida.  Prosecutors from the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division, officials from the FBI, and the Justice Department’s Community Relations Service met today with Martin’s family and their representatives to inform them of the findings of the investigation and the decision.

“The death of Trayvon Martin was a devastating tragedy.  It shook an entire community, drew the attention of millions across the nation, and sparked a painful but necessary dialogue throughout the country,” said Attorney General Eric Holder.  “Though a comprehensive investigation found that the high standard for a federal hate crime prosecution cannot be met under the circumstances here, this young man’s premature death necessitates that we continue the dialogue and be unafraid of confronting the issues and tensions his passing brought to the surface.  We, as a nation, must take concrete steps to ensure that such incidents do not occur in the future.”

Following the shooting, a team of some of the department’s most experienced civil rights prosecutors and FBI agents conducted a comprehensive, independent investigation of the events of Feb. 26, 2012.  The federal investigation was opened and conducted separately from the state of Florida’s investigation of the shooting under local laws.  Once the state initiated the second-degree murder prosecution, federal investigators began monitoring the state’s case and halted active investigation in order not to interfere with the state’s trial.  Federal investigators provided reports of interviews and other evidence they obtained to the state’s prosecution team.

Shortly after Zimmerman’s acquittal in state court on July 13, 2013, federal investigators resumed active investigation.  Federal investigators reviewed all of the material and evidence generated by the state of Florida in connection with its investigation and prosecution of Zimmerman, including witness statements, crime scene evidence, cell phone data, ballistics reports, reconstruction analysis, medical and autopsy reports, depositions, and the trial record.  Federal investigators also independently conducted 75 witness interviews and obtained and reviewed the contents of relevant electronic devices.  The investigation included an examination of police reports and additional evidence that was generated related to encounters Zimmerman has had with law enforcement in Florida since the state trial acquittal.  In addition, federal authorities retained an independent biomechanical expert who assessed Zimmerman’s descriptions of the struggle and the shooting.

The federal investigation sought to determine whether the evidence of the events that led to Martin’s death were sufficient to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Zimmerman’s actions violated the federal criminal civil rights statutes, specifically Section 3631 of Title 42 of the U.S. Code or Section 249 of Title 18 of the U.S. Code, as well as other relevant federal criminal statutes.  Section 3631 criminalizes willfully using force or threat of force to interfere with a person’s federally protected housing rights on account of that person’s race or color.  Section 249 criminalizes willfully causing bodily injury to a person because of that person’s actual or perceived race.  Courts define “willfully” to require proof that a defendant knew his acts were unlawful, and committed those acts in open defiance of the law.  It is one of the highest standards of intent imposed by law.

The federal investigation examined whether Zimmerman violated civil rights statutes at any point during his interaction with Martin, from their initial encounter through the fatal shooting.  This included investigating whether there is evidence beyond a reasonable doubt that Zimmerman violated Section 3631 by approaching Martin in a threatening manner before the fatal shooting because of Martin’s race and because he was using the residential neighborhood.  Investigators also looked at whether there is evidence beyond a reasonable doubt that Zimmerman violated Section 3631 or Section 249, by using force against Martin either during their struggle or when shooting Martin, because of Martin’s race.

“Although the department has determined that this matter cannot be prosecuted federally, it is important to remember that this incident resulted in the tragic loss of a teenager’s life,” said Acting Assistant Attorney General Vanita Gupta of the Civil Rights Division.  “Our decision not to pursue federal charges does not condone the shooting that resulted in the death of Trayvon Martin and is based solely on the high legal standard applicable to these cases.”

After a thorough and independent investigation into the facts surrounding the shooting, federal investigators determined that there is insufficient evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt a violation of these statutes.  Accordingly, the investigation into this incident has been closed.  This decision is limited strictly to the department’s inability to meet the high legal standard required to prosecute the case under the federal civil rights statutes; it does not reflect an assessment of any other aspect of the shooting.

The Justice Department is committed to investigations of allegations of bias-motivated violence and will continue to devote the resources required to ensure that allegations of civil rights violations are fully and completely investigated.  The department aggressively prosecutes criminal civil rights violations whenever there is sufficient evidence to do so.

The family of Trayvon Martin issued a statement:

“We would like to thank the Department of Justice for their extensive and thorough investigation into the killing of our son. Although we are disappointed in these findings, it has steeled our resolve to continue traveling the country with the message of the Trayvon Martin Foundation.

We remain poised to do everything in our power to help eradicate senseless violence in our communities, because we don’t want any other parent to experience the unexplainable loss we have endured,” the family statement read. “We will never, ever forget what happened to our son, Trayvon, and will honor his memory by working tirelessly to make the world a better place.”

George Zimmerman Arrested Again on Domestic Violence Charge

George Zimmerman Arrested Again on Domestic Violence Charge

George Zimmerman Arrested Again on Domestic Violence Charge

George Zimmerman, who was acquitted in the death of unarmed black teen Trayvon Martin, was arrested once again for domestic violence, MyNews13 reports. His attorney said he threw a wine bottle at his girlfriend.

Zimmerman was granted $5,000 bond on an aggravated assault charge. He was told to stay out of Volusia County, Fla.

This isn’t the first time George Zimmerman has been in trouble for assaulting a girlfriend. He was arrested in November 2013, for domestic violence in an incident with girlfriend Samantha Scheibe. It is not clear if she is the girlfriend involved in his latest domestic violence arrest.


Trayvon Martin’s Mom: “If They Refuse to Hear Us, We Will Make Them Feel Us”

Trayvon Martin's Mom:  "If They Refuse to Hear Us, We Will Make Them Feel Us"

Trayvon Martin’s Mom: “If They Refuse to Hear Us, We Will Make Them Feel Us”

Sybrina Fulton, Trayvon Martin’s mother, penned a letter in to the Lesley McSpadden, the mother of slain teen Michael Brown and one sentence has hit a nerve with some folks.

Fulton ended the letter with a call to action (some have called it fiery):  “If they refuse to hear us, we will make them feel us.” She appeared on CNN this morning and explained what she meant, saying it was a call to vote. The Drudge Report and others ran with that statement, implying that it was a call to violence. Really? Wow.

Here’s an excerpt from Sybrina Fulton’s letter to Lesley McSpadden:

Facts, myths, and flat out lies are already out there in Michael’s case. Theories, regardless of how ridiculous, are being pondered by the pundits. My advice is to surround yourselves with proven and trusted support. Through it all, I never let go of my faith, my family, or my friends. Long after the overwhelming media attention is gone, you will need those three entities to find your ‘new normal.’ Honor your son and his life, not the circumstances of his alleged transgressions. I have always said that Trayvon was not perfect. But no one will ever convince me that my son deserved to be stalked and murdered. No one can convince you that Michael deserved to be executed.

But know this: neither of their lives shall be in vain. The galvanizations of our communities must be continued beyond the tragedies. While we fight injustice, we will also hold ourselves to an appropriate level of intelligent advocacy. If they refuse to hear us, we will make them feel us. Some will mistake that last statement as being negatively provocative. But feeling us means feeling our pain; imagining our plight as parents of slain children. We will no longer be ignored. We will bond, continue our fights for justice, and make them remember our children in an appropriate light. I would hate to think that our lawmakers and leaders would need to lose a child before protecting the rest of them and making the necessary changes NOW…

Trayvon Martin was gunned down by a wannabe cop, neighborhood volunteer watch captain, George Zimmerman in February 2012 as he walked home from a convenience store. Like Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin was unarmed.

Jury Selected in Theodore Wafer Murder Case in Shooting Death of Renisha McBride

Jury Selected in Theodore Wafer Murder Case in Shooting Death of Renisha McBride

Jury Selected in Theodore Wafer Murder Case in Shooting Death of Renisha McBride

A jury has been selected in the murder trial of Theodore Wafer, the Dearborn Heights, Mich., homeowner charged in the shooting death of a drunk but unarmed teen Renisha McBride as she sought help after a car accident.

A jury of seven men and seven women — four black (two men and two women) — was seated after nearly 70 potential jurors were questioned on Monday and Tuesday.

Renisha McBride’s aunt had expressed concern that too many black women were being dismissed from the jury. This comes as defense attorney Cheryl Carpenter wasn’t happy that the prosecution dismissed several jurors who were gun advocates.

Opening statements in the Renisha McBride murder case will start on Wednesday.

There are parallels to the Trayvon Martin murder case, as the defense sought to introduce information about Renisha McBride holding what appears to be a gun, having wads of money and marijuana. The judge did not allow that to come into evidence. You will recall, Trayvon Martin was on trial even though George Zimmerman was the one who pulled the trigger.

One Year After Being Acquitted for Trayvon Martin’s Murder, George Zimmerman Claims He’s Homeless

One Year After Being Acquitted for Trayvon Martin's Murder, George Zimmerman Claims He's Homeless

One Year After Being Acquitted for Trayvon Martin’s Murder, George Zimmerman Claims He’s Homeless

George Zimmerman was acquitted nearly one year ago for the murder of unarmed black teen Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Fla. While he may have escaped prison for the teen’s murder, he’s living in a hell-hole of his own making. He is reportedly unemployed, broke and homeless. He now begins divorce proceedings with his estranged wife, Shellie. As they say, karma will catch up with you. It never fails. He has only to look at former NFL great O.J. Simpson.

According to a financial affidavit Zimmerman filed last month, he only has $650 in his bank account and $14,000 in assets, mainly his pickup truck. He is reportedly $2.5 million in debt. His brother, Robert Zimmerman Jr., who sparked outrage with racist tweets about Trayvon Martin, said his brother doesn’t have a home, but moves around sleeping at the homes of friends and supporters.

I have to ask, how does George Zimmerman manage to spend more than $3,000 a month, and claim to be homeless and virtually penniless?



George Zimmerman’s Ex-Attorney Mark O’Mara Calls for Gun Control After Isla Vista Mass Murders

Elliot Rodger's victims

Elliot Rodger’s victims: (top row, from left to right) Katie Cooper, Chris Michael-Martinez, Veronica Weiss, (bottom row, from left to right) Weihan Wang, George Chen, Cheng Yuan Hong. (Credit: Daily Mail)

Mark O’Mara, who represented George Zimmerman during the Trayvon Martin murder trial, is calling for gun control in the aftermath of yet another mass shooting in the U.S. He stopped short of proposing any measures to increase gun control. Elliot Rodger, son of “The Hunger Games” assistant director Peter Rodger, killed seven, including himself, and wounded 13, in retribution for being rejected by women. O’Mara’s article comes a day after “Bowling for Columbine” filmmaker Michael Moore said “disturbed white men” were the most dangerous people in America and that the gun, not the bald eagle was America’s national symbol.

The fact is, race seemed to have played a role in the police handling of their contact with Elliot Rodger. The parents cried out for help and they didn’t get it. Instead, the cops paid him a visit and said he was a “nice” young man. Really? He was a ticking timebomb waiting to explode and they may have dropped the ball. He has been called “severely mentally disturbed” as if to somehow excuse his heinous acts. I am pretty sure had this been a black or Hispanic male without the financial means of Elliot Rodger, the cops would have assumed they were troublemakers.

The Isla Vista mass murders comes after we narrowly dodged another shooting massacre recently, when Minnesota teen John David LaDue’s plan to use his alleged arsenal, which included homemade bombs, to murder as many students as he could at his high school, was derailed after a civilian tipped off the police. We can’t go on this way.

We have a problem with gun violence in this country. I think this much is not in dispute. The real debate is this: What do we do about it? Unfortunately, most answers to this question involve greater governmental regulation and intrusion into our lives.

Americans are fiercely independent, sometimes to a fault, and we bristle at any effort seen as trampling our inalienable rights. But the freedoms guaranteed in our Constitution have never been unfettered. Each amendment in the Bill of Rights has spawned a legacy of case law that interprets, defines, refines and restricts our basic freedoms based on the values and needs of the people at the time.


The Constitution is not written in stone. It evolves as our society evolves. The Second Amendment is more complicated, however, because it deals with issues larger than freedom and oppression; it deals with life and death.

Buried in the Second Amendment is the right to self-defense, the very mechanism that allowed our Founding Fathers to win freedom from tyranny. Some argue it is the right that guarantees all other rights. Our forefathers wanted us to be able to protect ourselves against outside threats, and even from internal tyranny. They may have even intended us to be able to protect ourselves from each other.

It is a stretch to argue they intended guns to be so available, in such strength, that children, high-school populations and co-workers and law enforcement could be so easily slaughtered. Source: CNN

It’s a sad commentary that gun rights advocates are digging in and ignoring the obvious — too many mentally unstable people can get their hands on guns. Why did Elliot Rodger need three automatic guns and 410 rounds of ammunition? That’s despite have three or four police encounters and a history of mental illness? When will real change come instead of the continued stonewalling because of politicians who are in bed with the National Rifle Association?

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Frank Taaffe Now Says Pal George Zimmerman Racially Profiled Trayvon Martin

Frank Taafe Now Says Pal George Zimmerman Racially Profiled Trayvon Martin

Frank Taaffe Now Says Pal George Zimmerman Racially Profiled Trayvon Martin

Frank Taaffe, who staunchly defended George Zimmerman during his trial for the murder of unarmed black teen Trayvon Martin, now says he believes his friend racially profiled the teen. Um, no news there…we already knew Trayvon Martin was racially profiled by wannabe cop Zimmerman.

Taaffe, who was unceremoniously dumped as a regular guest on HLN’s “The Nancy Grace Show” after reports of his ties to a white nationalist radio show, told News13 he believes Zimmerman would not have followed Trayvon Martin if he “had been a white kid on a cell phone.” Again, we knew this…

Taaffe said, “What I know of George and his tendencies and also my opinion is that he racially profiled Trayvon Martin that night because if that had been a white kid on a cell phone, walking through our neighborhood, he wouldn’t have stayed on him the way he did and that’s a fact and I believe that in my heart.”

Gee, I wonder why Frank Taaffe is suddenly so apologetic to Trayvon Martin’s parents after trashing the teen on national television, night after night. Well, he credited the recent tragedies in his life for his change of heart.  He expressed his condolences to the teen’s parents saying, “I’m sorry that you lost your son. I know what that’s like and I wish things had been different.”

Taaffe said, “I can only ask the country to forgive me and today I believe that he racially profiled him based on the color of his skin. He said he has no book deal or a TV show, adding, “I’m just working on me right now and getting right with God.”

I am guessing Frank Taaffe owes George Zimmerman’s estranged wife, Shellie, an apology too for trashing her on Nancy Grace and Dr. Drew’s shows.


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Zimmerman Pal Frank Taaffe Called Oprah Winfrey N*gger on White Supremacist Radio Show

Zimmerman Pal Frank Taaffe Called Oprah Winfrey N*gger on White Supremacist Radio Show

Zimmerman Pal Frank Taaffe Called Oprah Winfrey N*gger on White Supremacist Radio Show

Frank Taaffe, who made a name for himself as a close ally of Trayvon Martin’s murderer George Zimmerman, reportedly called Oprah Winfrey a n*gger during a radio show he hosted that’s geared towards white supremacists,  Mother Jones reports.

Political Research Associates, a progressive activist group, posted the audio on Tuesday from an October 2013 segment of Frank Taaffe’s show, “Standing Our Ground,” which aired on the White Voice Network.

During the segment, Taaffe and co-host Joe Adams debate whether Oprah Winfrey can be considered a n*gger. Adams, author of the “Save White People Handbook,” said, “To me she wouldn’t.” Frank Taaffe responded, “I think she is” because she “keeps spewing out all that bullsh*t. She goes over to Switzerland and she says that lady didn’t want to share a handbag because she thought she couldn’t afford it, and she keeps just doing what she’s doing.”

There’s more racist venom:  Frank Taaffe insisted, “You know, it’s birds of a feather, they flock together and stick together, and to me, she’s a n**ger.” “Oprah Winfrey’s a n**ger. She’s a n**ger.”

Taaffe also criticized Winfrey for promoting “her boy,” as in President Barack Obama. Um, Nancy Grace and Doctor Drew must be really proud to have given this racist dirtbag the time of day on their shows night after night. Praise God, we won’t be seeing Frank Taaffe on any TV network again….On Monday, HLN canceled his booking after Mother Jones slammed the network for giving him a platform to spew his racist venom.

LOL: Rapper DMX to Box George Zimmerman for Charity

LOL:  Rapper DMX to Box George Zimmerman for Charity

LOL: Rapper DMX to Box George Zimmerman for Charity (Credit: Getty)

As George Zimmerman continues to thumb his nose at Trayvon Martin’s family, an opponent has been chosen to go against him in his celebrity boxing match. Rapper DMX was chosen out of 15,000 applicants. I am guessing he can’t wait to kick his you know what.  Um, I hope the version of DMX that shows up to that boxing match is the same person who went off on Iyanla Vanzant in the most disgraceful way.

…the rapper tells TMZ he wants to fight on behalf of “every black person who has been done wrong in the system…I am going to beat the living f*ck out of him. I am breaking every rule in boxing to make sure I f*ck him up right.” After knocking Zimmerman out, DMX says he intends to urinate on Zimmerman’s face. Source: Gothamist

Jury Selection in Black Teen Jordan Davis’ Murder Case to Begin Monday

Michael Dunn's Trial for Murder of Unarmed Black Teen, Jordan Davis, Set to Begin

Michael Dunn’s Trial for Murder of Unarmed Black Teen, Jordan Davis, Set to Begin

The trial of white software developer Michael Dunn for the death of unarmed black teen Jordan Davis, 17, over an argument about loud ‘thug’ music, is about to get underway on Monday with jury selection. The shooting, which occurred in Jacksonville, Fla., is an eerie reminder of Trayvon Martin’s shooting death by wannabe cop George Zimmerman.

Police say Michael Dunn fatally shot Atlanta teen Jordan Davis in 2012 outside a Jacksonville convenience store after arguing over loud music Davis and his friends were playing from their SUV. Dunn was visiting Jacksonville for his son’s wedding. He has been in jail since his November 2012 arrest on first degree murder charges for the teen’s death. He also faces three counts of attempted murder for Leland Brunson, Tommie Stornes and Tevin Thompson, who were in the SUV with Davis at the time of the shooting.

Michael Dunn said he felt threatened for his life after one of the teens raised a shotgun at him. He fired multiple shots into the SUV. He fled the scene and was arrested the next day. It should be noted that no gun was found in the SUV and Jordan Davis was reportedly shot in the back.

It should be noted that State Attorney Angela Corey and Assistant State Attorney John Guy, who played a role in George Zimmerman’s murder trial, are also involved in Michael Dunn’s trial. You will recall Angela Corey came under scathing criticism after Zimmerman was acquitted for Trayvon Martin’s murder. Also assisting Corey in Dunn’s case is Assistant State Attorney Erin Wolfson.