Electoral Projections from Final Polls Ahead of Presidential Election Predict President Obama Wins

The Electoral projections from the final polls ahead of the presidential election mirrors our own that President Obama will win 303 Electoral College votes to Mitt Romney’s 235. The final Public Policy Polling surveys point to an Obama landslide of 332 electoral votes, while Dave Wissing said that if final polls from The Economist/YouGov are right, President Obama will win 303 electoral votes. The final Reuters/Ipsos polls suggest President Obama will win 294 electoral votes. The Obama campaign must be happy with the way things are going, but the race isn’t finished yet and everyone who hasn’t yet voted, must get out to vote on Tuesday.

Here is our projection:

presidential election projection

Electoral Projections from Final Polls Ahead of Presidential Election Mirrors Our Own of 303-235


LOL: Toesucker Dick Morris Predicting Mitt Romney Will Win Presidency in Landslide

WASHINGTON, DC - JUNE 03:  Political strategis...

LOL:  Toesucker Dick Morris Predicting Mitt Romney Will Win Presidency in Landslide. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

Toesucker Dick Morris is predicting that Mitt Romney will win the presidency by a landslide. Um, I would urge you to consider the source of this prediction and you will shake your head. He has been wrong on every other prediction he has made since his years as a Bill Clinton adviser:

Voters have figured out that President Obama has no message, no agenda and not even much of an explanation for what he has done over the past four years. His campaign is based entirely on persuading people that Mitt Romney is a uniquely bad man, entirely dedicated to the rich, ignorant of the problems of the average person. As long as he could run his negative ads, the campaign at least kept voters away from the Romney bandwagon. But once we all met Mitt Romney for three 90-minute debates, we got to know him — and to like him. He was not the monster Obama depicted, but a reasonable person for whom we could vote.


Or will the Romney momentum grow and wash into formerly safe Democratic territory in New Jersey and Oregon? Source:  The Hill

Yeah, that’s why Mitt Romney has a blatantly inaccurate ad about Jeep jobs moving to China in Ohio. That’s coming from a position of desperation on his part. If he wins by a landslide it will be because they stole the election. Lawdy, break out the champagne, start the presses, Dick Morris, who has zero credibility except on Fox News, is predicting a Romney landslide. Yeah, right. Yeah, donkeys will fly first.

Hey Dick, here’s what the Associated Press has to say about Obama’s political advantage today:

By commanding the response to a ferocious October storm a week before the election, Obama is employing a political advantage in the race to be president.

He is the president.

Clearly, Obama’s imperative to act transcends the election. Superstorm Sandy’s wrath is real. At a time of death and danger, any president is expected to lead for the people of every state, battleground or otherwise.

Yet in a political sense — and politics are absolutely part of this — Obama has a remarkable last-minute chance to campaign for his job just by doing his job.

Republican nominee Mitt Romney can load canned food onto donation trucks; Obama can order aid and assets to the entire Northeastern corridor.

Labeled by Romney as the big government guy, Obama is the one slashing red tape and telling governors to call him directly if they hit a single bureaucratic snag.

Don’t underestimate the power of President Obama. You know, that kid in the White House, Ann Romney has been saying her husband, the grown-up, could do better than.

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My Prediction: President Obama Will Beat Mitt Romney in Electoral College Votes Even If He Loses FL and VA

My prediction is that President Obama will win reelection via the Electoral College with 303 votes to Mitt Romney’s 235 votes. President Obama can win even if he loses Florida and Virginia. Even if he loses the six Electoral College votes from Iowa, since the Des Moines Register had a “gotcha” moment when they soured on his request to keep their interview “off-the-record.” Here are my predictions on how President Obama will beat Mitt Romney:

President Obama Will Beat Mitt Romney in Electoral College

My Prediction: President Obama Will Beat Mitt Romney in Electoral College Votes Even If He Loses FL and VA

My prediction for key state races:

Sen. Claire McCaskill will win reelection by a narrow margin against “legitimate rape” moron Todd Akin. She ran a very weak campaign and that will show at the polls.

Elizabeth Warren, who is leading Sen. Scott Brown in the polls, will beat him for the Massachusetts senate seat he picked up after Ted Kennedy died. He ran an ugly campaign and he deserves to lose.

Tea Party darling, Rep. Allen West is in a tough race in Florida. My prediction is that he will lose to Democratic rival Patrick Murphy.

Tim Kaine will beat George Allen (who made racist “macaca” comment) in Virginia, largely on President Obama’s coattails.

WWE Linda McMahon will face defeat a second time around, as I predict she will lose to Chris Murphy in Connecticut.

Right wingnut Michele Bachmann will win reelection against Democratic rival Jim Graves. I thought for sure she would be history.

Washington Post Again Endorses Obama, Slams Mitt Romney’s Shifting Positions, Contempt of 47% Of Americans

Barack Obama

Washington Post Again Endorses Obama, Slams Mitt Romney’s Shifting Positions, Contempt of 47% Of Americans (Photo credit: jamesomalley)

The Washington Post has endorsed President Barack Obama, saying Mitt Romney’s shifting positions “don’t deserve the confidence of voters.” The paper noted that while President Obama fell far short on several promises, he was a far better alternative to Mitt Romney:

The sad answer is there is no way to know what Mr. Romney really believes. His unguarded expression of contempt for 47 percent of the population seems as sincere as anything else we’ve heard, but that’s only conjecture. At times he has advocated a muscular, John McCain-style foreign policy, but in the final presidential debate he positioned himself as a dove. Before he passionately supported a fetus’s right to life, he supported a woman’s right to abortion. His swings have been dramatic on gay rights, gun rights, health care, climate change and immigration. His ugly embrace of “self-deportation” during the Republican primary campaign, and his demolition of a primary opponent, Texas Gov. Rick Perry, for having left open a door of opportunity for illegal-immigrant children, bespeaks a willingness to say just about anything to win. Every politician changes his mind sometimes; you’d worry if not. But rarely has a politician gotten so far with only one evident immutable belief: his conviction in his own fitness for higher office.

So voters are left with the centerpiece of Mr. Romney’s campaign: promised tax cuts that would blow a much bigger hole in the federal budget while worsening economic inequality. His claims that he could avoid those negative effects, which defy math andwhich he refuses to back up with actual proposals, are more insulting than reassuring.

Mitt Romney is the same candidate Sen. John McCain slammed former Secretary of State Colin Powell of shunning in favor of backing President Obama a second time, saying he “harmed” his legacy by endorsing the president. Um, has he forgotten Colin Powell went to the UN and said Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and we needed to go after Saddam Hussein? Um, gee, I wonder why Colin Powell stepped down after serving one term under the Bush administration?

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RadarOnline: Man Claims Obama Sold and Used Cocaine While in College, October Dud

Official photographic portrait of US President...

RadarOnline: Man Claims Obama Sold and Used Cocaine While in College, October Dud(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Is this the “bombshell” Donald Trump is promising to drop Wednesday, that a man claims Obama sold and used cocaine while in college? Really? Radaronline is reporting that a man claiming to be a close friend of President Obama during college made contact with Republican operatives recently, ready to go public with the claim that he used and sold cocaine in college. Wow, October Surprise? More like an October dud. Wasn’t George W. Bush accused of using drugs? Bill Clinton said he didn’t inhale. Well, they both served two terms as president.

RadarOnline:  The operatives tried to spread the story through the media and the Romney campaign, a source close to the situation told Radar. “At first he wanted to do a book,” a source close to the situation told RadarOnline.com about the alleged college pal. “But there just wasn’t enough time before the election.

“The people he is involved with have produced other credible information that is damaging to national Democratic figures in the past few years.” Operatives close to the Romney campaign were contacted and rejected the information, the source told Radar.

“They didn’t want anything to do with it,” the source said. “They thought it was not anything they wanted to be associated with or anything their candidate would want to be associated with.” In fact, the man’s charges about Obama never reached Mitt Romney.

A proposal of the man’s story was created and viewed by Radar. The document claims that there are multiple sources who can back up allegations that Obama used and sold cocaine in college. The alleged pal was willing to go on the record for the story and take a polygraph test, according to the source.

Is this all they have? How many people actually tried marijuana and drank when they were in college? Many of those same people are in top jobs across this country. Jeremiah Wright backfired for the Republicans. Please, try smearing Obama as a cocaine dealer. That should go over well with Black America.

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Rob Portman: Mitt Romney Can Win Presidency Without Ohio, But “I Wouldn’t Want to Take That Risk”

Top Romney surrogate Rob Portman said during his appearance on ABC New’s “This Week with George Stephanopoulous,” Mitt Romney can probably win the presidency without Ohio, “but I wouldn’t want to take that risk.” On its face, I agree, but as you can see, Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted is now appealing the Appeals Court ruling that early voting must be reinstated. He’s taking this all the way to the US Supreme Court in their quest to steal the election by voter suppression. No Republican has won the presidency without Ohio and I scarcely believe Mitt Romney will capture those 18 Electoral College votes. The presidential debate on Tuesday at Hofstra University is key for Obama to turn the tide after a horrible debate performance in Denver.


Novelist Jay McInerney: Obama Deserves Second Term Because “Disappointed but Not Yet Betrayed Us”

English: Barack Obama delivers a speech at the...

Novelist Jay McInerney: Obama Deserves Second Term Because “Disappointed but Not Yet Betrayed Us” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Since the Israelis, led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, are trying to influence the presidential election, I guess it follows that the Brits should be expected to take a position as well. The Guardian’s Jay McInerney says President Obama deserves a second term.

Jay McInerney on Obama: The best we can say about Obama’s foreign policy record is that he’s not George Bush, that he managed to end the absurd and unjustified war in Iraq. His escalation of the war in Afghanistan has been a failure – every foreign power to invade Afghanistan has been humiliated in the end. Sarkozy took the lead in rallying Nato to aid the Libyan rebels, and Obama’s failure to aid the Syrian rebels seems increasingly like a betrayal of his stated ideals and a failure of leadership.

And yet… the symbolism of an African-American president is still incredibly potent, even after four years. (Yesterday I spotted a poster in the window of a barber shop in the largely African-American South Bronx – a portrait of Martin Luther King under the caption “The Dreamer” beside a portrait of Barack Obama; caption: “The Dream”.) He remains the most charismatic of world leaders. One gets the sense of a man who is comfortable in his skin, comfortable with his place in the world, of a man who generally means what he says, and says it elegantly. It’s hard to get any sense of the personality of Mitt Romney, who seems like a robot with excellent hair.

Obama may have lost some of his mystique, and disappointed many of us, but he hasn’t yet irrevocably betrayed us, or his ideals, and he will probably get another chance to fulfil some of the great expectations of 2008.

While I have always been tepid on the Obama presidency, the alternative is not is not attractive in my opinion. Mitt Romney, who was Massachusetts “vacationer-in-chief” cannot tell us with a straight face how his proposals will help the middle class, much less what tax loopholes he plans on closing. The comments left by readers of McInerney’s article, mostly written by Americans, are interesting, some insulting. Here’s a sampling:

–I’d have been more impressed by Obama if he were a socialist, but the chances of a socialist President being elected in the United States is even slimmer than the chances of a socialist being elected as Prime Minister in the United Kingdom. He’s a centrist, and on home turf at least he poses little or no threat to most of the citizens and residents of the U.S. The same may not be said of Romney and Ryan, who are a frightening pair, and who are likely to do a great deal of damage inside and outside the U.S. The best I hope for these days is a President who will do little harm, and Obama is the only candidate who fits that description.

–Obama is a nobody. I voted for him, and now I am sorry that I did. He hasn’t accomplished anything in four years, nothing, nada. I look forward with enthusiasm to getting him and his people the hell out of DC. Go back to Chicago and be nothing again for all we care. Our mistake.

–The only good thing about him is he isn’t as bad as the other.

–John Edwards might have been good.

–You only have to look at the alternative to see that Obama must have a second chance.

–He’s done a great job of not being a Republican President. And whilst I’d love for America to be run by a bona fide leftie, we all know that’s never gonna happen.

–If Obama wins he keeps out the guy who’s backed by misogynists, racists,homophobes, evangelicals, and other assorted nutters. That’s the best we can hope for from a US election. Always vote for the least worst option.

–When an electoral system allows a choice between 2 options, then it’s enough to say “at least he’s not Bush” or “Romney will do more harm”.

–American politics is fundamentally dead – no President can fix the damn place – even if a left-centre politician gets the keys to the White House as Obama did, the inherent nature of modern American politics handcuffs him.

Rupert Murdoch sent the following tweets:

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Mitt Romney Continues to Close Gap in Swing States But Is It Enough to Beat Obama?

Though Mitt Romney continues to surge in both national and swing state poll, Nate Silver now gives him a 38.9% chance of winning the presidential election. That’s good news for President Obama at this juncture but he has to come with guns blazing at the debate next week. Some of Joe Biden’s spirit needs to rub off on him.

“The only really good news for Democrats is that Mr. Obama had built up a large enough cushion that he could withstand a lot of damage without becoming the underdog. The forecast model still has him clinging to narrow leads in Ohio, Iowa, Wisconsin and Nevada, states that in some combination would give him 270 electoral votes.”

The Week: Is Romney taking over in the swing states?

Etch-A-Sketch: Mitt Romney Changes Position on Abortion Again, Says He Has No Plans to Push for Legislation Limiting Abortions

Romney-Sketch Cartoon

Etch-A-Sketch:  Mitt Romney Changes Position on Abortion Again, Says He Has No Plans to Push for Legislation Limiting Abortions (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

Mr. Etch-a-Sketch strikes again:  Mitt Romney told the Des Moines Register that he has no plans to push legislation limiting abortion, which is an abrupt change from a previous statement he made saying he would appoint Supreme Court justices who would overturn Roe v. Wade.

Romney said, “There’s no legislation with regards to abortion that I’m familiar with that would become part of my agenda.”

His campaign spokeswoman Andrea Saul walked it back real fast, telling the National Review that Mitt Romney “would of course support legislation aimed at providing greater protections for life.”

Interesting take from Mark Halperin: “If the Obama campaign has cracked the code on how to make Mitt Romney pay a political price for his late rush to the center on tone and emphasis, we haven’t seen them execute their full plan yet. That might be the central tactical question in the presidential contest right now.”


AP: The presidential battleground map “is as compact as it’s been in decades, with just nine states seeing the bulk of candidate visits, campaign ads and get-out-the-vote efforts in the hunt for the 270 Electoral College votes needed for victory. That means just a fraction of Americans will determine the outcome of the race for the White House.”

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