TODAY IN HISTORY: President John F. Kennedy Signed Executive Order Banning Segregation in Federal Funded Housing

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TODAY IN HISTORY:  November 20, 1962, President John F. Kennedy signs Executive Order 11063, which “prohibits discrimination in the sale, leasing, rental, or other disposition of properties and facilities owned or operated by the federal government or provided with federal funds.” The order banned segregation in federally funded housing, though it was left up to the states to enforce.

Ethiopian-Israelis Stage Anti-Racism Protests in Kiryat Malachi Over Discrimination in Housing and Society

I came across an interesting article in the Jerusalem Post against the racial discrimination Ethiopian-Israelis are experiencing and how they are fighting back by staging protests, particularly after the comment, “the only good Ethiopian is a dead Ethiopian” heard on national television. “Jukim” or cockroaches is how one tenant in an apartment block in the southern town of Kiryat Malachi referred to Ethiopian-Israelis as he bragged he would never sell his home to an Ethiopian family because “it brings down the value of the neighborhood,” the Jerusalem Post reports. He went on to state that “120 other families spanning four residential buildings had signed an agreement with the neighborhood council not to rent or sell their apartments to families of Ethiopian descent.” One problem for these bigots, the Ethiopian-Israelis aren’t taking this racist behavior lightly. They are fighting back.

“Even though we are talking about something specific that happened in Kiryat Malachi, this kind of racism against Ethiopians happens everywhere in Israeli society,” observes Efrat Yerday, spokeswoman of the Israel Association of Ethiopian Jews (IAEJ), who also joined in Tuesday’s protest.


In September, attempts to close down a Petah Tikva public school with a student body comprising almost exclusively Ethiopian pupils put the spotlight on what the community calls “ghettos” – neighborhoods where new Ethiopian immigrants are forced to live due to limited financial means.


Another example of this problem was discovered last month in Beit Shemesh, where it was revealed that the municipality had forced the majority of Ethiopian children in the town to attend one of three kindergartens. The story was further exacerbated when Mayor Moshe Abutbul explained the policy by likening the Ethiopian immigrant community to small fish in a dangerous aquarium. Source: Jerusalem Post

Racism against people of African descent is Israel’s dirty little secret. It’s a sad commentary that this modern-day apartheid is flourishing in parts of such a religious country.