Travis Baumgartner, Suspect in Triple Homicide in Armored Car Heist, Arrested at U.S.-Canada Border

Travis Baumgartner, Suspect in Triple Homicide in Armored Car Heist, Arrested at U.S.-Canada Border (Edmonton Police/AFP/Getty Images)

Travis Baumgartner, who was wanted by Edmonton police in the deadly armored car heist that left three people dead, one injured, has been arrested as he was stopped in Lynden, Wash., near the U.S.-Canada border. Travis Baumgartner has been on the run since Friday when four G4S guards were shot, three fatally. Police said Baumgartner was the fifth member of  a crew re-loading bank machines at a university mall and residence where the shooting happened, the Toronto Star reports. He faces three counts of murder and one count of attempted murder. Police recovered stolen money in his truck.


Is the Mystery Woman who Aided Murderer Ryan Jenkins Evade Law Enforcement for the Death of Jasmine Fiore, Actress Paulina Chmielecka?

The RCMP has identified the “mystery” woman who checked in scumbag fugitive Ryan Jenkins into the Thunderbird Motel where he was later found dead in an apparent suicide on Sunday in Hope. Though the police did not reveal the woman’s identity, it has been reported by TMZ that the motel manager Kevin Walker said that he is “100% sure” that woman was model and former fiancee to Jenkins, Paulina Chmielecka. The police said that she isn’t the woman they are seeking. They have described the woman as a “person of interest” in the investigation. Jenkins, a Canadian and a former reality show contestant, was accused of brutally murdering his ex-wife, Jasmine Fiore, in a case that triggered an international manhunt. This guy is proof that being wealthy doesn’t automatically make you a decent, law-abiding person. There are many rich dirtbags in our midst — male and female.

The manager of the Thunderbird Motel, Kevin Walker, said a woman checked in on Aug. 20, saying she needed a room for at least three days, maybe longer, and paid cash through Sunday. Outside, a man waited in a PT Cruiser with Alberta licence plates. Walker couldn’t remember the woman’s name and said RCMP have seized the slip of information she filled out for the hotel room. He could see there was a man in the vehicle but thought nothing of the fact he didn’t come in, he said.

Walker has since told that he is “100% sure” that woman was model and former fiancee to Jenkins, Paulina Chmielecka, though investigators are reportedly saying she’s not the woman in question. Police on Monday did not confirm whether the woman in question is Chmielecka.

After entering the motel room, the mystery woman described as as being in her early to mid-20s stayed for about 20 minutes, then left. On Sunday, when no one came to check out by the required time of 11 a.m., Walker went to the room and discovered the body.

The accused killer was found hanging inside a room at the Thunderbird Motel, according to the Orange County district attorney’s office. The district attorney’s office has no intention of charging anybody else with the murder of Jenkins’ ex-wife, Los Angeles swimsuit model Jasmine Fiore, said district attorney spokeswoman Farrah Emami. Source: The Vancouver Sun

Jenkins, 32, was charged Aug. 20 in California with the murder of Fiore, 28, whose mutilated body was discovered in a trash receptacle on Aug. 15 in Buena Park, Calif., about 30 kilometers southeast of Los Angeles. I am just sorry that this dirtbag wasn’t found alive so that he could be brought to justice. He took the easy way out and left nothing but devastation for Ms. Fiore’s family and his.

Photo credit: Paulina Chmielecka — TMZ