Joe Jackson Shamelessly Plugs his New Record Label During Press Conference About Michael Jackson

Joe Jackson is such a hypocrite and I fully understand why Michael Jackson talked about him with such disdain during his interview with Oprah Winfrey a few years ago. During a news conference yesterday, the Jackson patriarch, confirmed that the family was planning an enormous memorial service but he couldn’t shed much light on that plan. What Joe Jackson had no problem plugging was his new record label — Ranch Records, a shameful dig at Neverland Ranch. This was such a self-serving move that I wonder why Rev. Al Sharpton didn’t step on his foot to get him to stop talking. Joe Jackson should take a page out of John Travolta’s play book and mourn his son’s passing with dignity and not shamefully try to exploit his name and his legacy. I have yet to see John Travolta show up on a red carpet since his son Jett Travolta passed away.

Flanked by longtime family friend and adviser Rev. Sharpton, as well as his Ranch Records partner Marshall Thompson(of the classic soul group the Chi-Lites), the elder Jackson said he wished his son were here to appreciate the tributes in the wake of his surprise death last Thursday. Right. I am sure that Joe Jackson is sad his meal ticket died, but he is foaming at the mouth to shamefully exploit his son’s legacy.

“The family and I are very proud to see all of you come out here and help us with this whole situation. I wish Michael could be here to see all this. Michael was a superstar. He was loved in every country and the U.S…but one thing Michael didn’t know, he didn’t know how strong this could be.”

In the wake of a court order yesterday granting Katherine temporary custody of Michael’s three kids, Joe said the family and the kids were happy because they had similar-aged cousins to play with.”We love those kids still,” he said. “We’re going to take care of them and give them the education they’re supposed to have. We can do that. And we have the area enough and the premises large enough to be able to extend to them all the help that they might need.”

I made reference to Joe Jackson’s shameful comments during his conversation with Don Lemon on the BET Awards red carpet on Sunday, where he dropped hints about his new recording venture. The man was a power-hungry, money-grubbing sleazebag in the early Jackson Five years and he hasn’t lost it in his old age.

John Travolta’s Son, Jett Travolta, 16, Dies While on Family Vacation in the Bahamas


An autopsy is planned on Monday for John Travolta’s teenage son, who died after apparently hitting his head on the bathtub, authorities said. Jett Travolta, 16, had last been seen entering the bathroom on Thursday and had a history of seizures, Police Superintendent Basil Rahming said in a statement.

Travolta, 54, and his wife, actress Kelly Preston, 46, also have an 8-year-old daughter, Ella Bleu. Preston and Travolta have said that Jett became very sick when he was 2 years old and was diagnosed with Kawasaki disease, an illness that leads to inflammation of the blood vessels in young children. She blamed household cleaners and fertilizers, and said that a detoxification program based on teachings from the Church of Scientology helped improve his health, according to People magazine. Both Travolta and Preston are practicing Scientologists.

“I was obsessive about his space being cleaned. We constantly had the carpets cleaned,” Travolta said in a 2001 interview with CNN’s Larry King, a portion of which was rebroadcast on the “Larry King Live” show Friday night. During that interview, when Jett was 9, Travolta spoke of how his son nearly died when he was 2. Source: Google News

Travolta, as you recall gained fame as Vinnie Barbarino on the 1970s television show “Welcome Back, Kotter” and the 1977 film “Saturday Night Fever.” He went on to become one of Hollywood’s biggest names. He married Preston in 1991. Preston appeared with Travolta in the 2000 film “Battlefield Earth,” based on a novel by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard.

TMZ is reporting that John Travolta’s son, Jett Travolta, 16, has died. That is certainly a sad turn of events. No one wants to lose a child. The new year is off to a challenging start for this family. My thoughts and prayers are with them.

Rand Memorial Hospital in the Bahamas tells TMZ the son of John Travolta died today.We’re told 16-year-old Jett was vacationing with Travolta and wife Kelly Preston.There have been reports that Jett was autistic, though Travolta has denied it, saying he suffers from Kawasaki Syndrome, a condition which often leads to heart disease.

UPDATE 4:54 PM ET — A police spokeswoman says Jett hit his head in a bathtub.UPDATE: 4:40 PM ET — Restview Memorial Mortuary and Crematorium in the Bahamas tells TMZ Jett’s body would be transferred to Restview on Monday.

UPDATE: 4:00 PM ET — Travolta’s attorney Michael Ossi says Jett suffered a seizure at his family’s vacation home at the Old Bahama Bay Hotel on Grand Bahama Island. Attempts to revive him were unsuccessful and he died on scene.

Again, this is certainly a sad turn of events for this family.