Moroccan Teen Amina Commits Suicide After Being Forced to Marry her Rapist

Moroccan teen Amina commits suicide by eating rat poison found in the home of her husband’s family after a judge ruled that the 16 year old teenager must marry her rapist. This is even though her family had filed charges against the man.Um, shouldn’t this judge be fired. Wait, this is what Islam tolerates, the denigration of women.

AL ARABIYA NEWS:  “A 16-year-old Moroccan girl has committed suicide after a judge ordered her to marry her rapist, according to Moroccan media reports.

Last year Amina’s parents filed charges against their daughter’s rapist, a man 10 years older than her but it was only recently that a judge in the northern city of Tangier decided that instead of punishing him, the two must be married.

The court’s decision to forcibly marry Amina to her rapist was supposed to “resolve” the damage of sexual violation against her, but it led to more suffering in the unwelcoming home of her rapist/husband’s family.

Traumatized by the painful experience of rape, Amina decided to end her life by consuming rat poison in the house of her husband’s family, according to the Moroccan daily al-Massae.”