President Obama Gives Himself an “Incomplete” When Asked to Grade Himself on American Economy

President Barack Obama addresses the House Dem...

President Obama Gives Himself an “Incomplete” When Asked to Grade Himself on American Economy. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

President Obama gave himself an incomplete when asked by KKTV-TV what grade he would give himself on the American economy. The Republicans are trying to turn that incomplete into an “F.” I wonder what grade the black community would give President Obama, since Mitt Romney can’t make headway with that group in the polls?

 Dianne Derby: Mr. President, the latest numbers show the unemployment rate in Colorado has increased over the last four months. Why should voters believe that will go down if you are re-elected?

President Obama: Obviously we are still going through one of the toughest times that we’ve had in my lifetime and because of the financial crisis we lost 9 million jobs. We’ve recovered 4.5 million jobs since that time and half a million manufacturing jobs and here in Colorado you’ve seen sort of progress in areas like wind energy, for example, and clean energy where because of the investments we’ve made you’re starting to see companies people being hired.

Dianne Derby: Your party says you inherited a bad situation. You’ve had three and a half years to fix it. What grade would you give yourself so far for doing that?

President Obama: You know I would say incomplete…but what I would say is the steps that we have taken in saving the auto industry, in making sure that college is more affordable and investing in clean energy and science and technology and research, those are all the things that we are going to need to grow over the long term. Source:  KKTV

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