No Mitt Romney, You aren’t Second Coming of Ronald Reagan

No Mitt Romney, You aren't Second Coming of Ronald Reagan

No Mitt Romney, You aren’t Second Coming of Ronald Reagan (Photo Credit: Donkey Hotey)

(OPINION) – Mitt Romney and his family believe he would have been a better president than Barack Obama. The American people didn’t think so, that’s why he lost by a landslide in 2012 and didn’t even make it out of the primary stage in 2008. His tenure as Massachusetts governor was also very iffy, so I am not sure how a Romney presidency would have turned out. He claims ISIS wouldn’t exist had he been Commander-in-Chief. Well, if Barack Obama had his way, the Iraq invasion would have never happened and we wouldn’t be dealing is the Islamic State today.

To echo Rupert Murdoch’s sentiment (which is a once in a lifetime thing for me), Mitt Romney was a “terrible candidate” in 2012. He thinks three times is the charm but no way. He’s no Ronald Reagan. He’s thinking of joining a crowded GOP field and I don’t see how he can rise above Jeb Bush, was a wildly popular Florida governor. Quite the opposite of Mittens. The stench of the 47 percent insult and Bain Capital are still pungent. That includes the binders full of women PR blunder. How could I forget wannabe First Lady Ann Romney’s unbelievable account of how they lived in poverty during the early years of their marriage: “Our desk was a door propped up on sawhorses. Our dining room table was a fold down ironing board in the kitchen.” Um, that’s all the while having stock portfolios.

Say whatever you will about Ronald Reagan, he stood for something and built his following around those ideas — Reaganism. Romney, on the other hand, seems to want the presidency to fulfill a lifelong ambition. Nothing more. Has anyone ever thought Romneyism was more than a passing joke? Here’s a snippet from Peggy Noonan’s latest column:

There is no such thing as Romneyism and there never will be. Mr. Romney has never encompassed a philosophical world. He has never become the symbol of an attitude toward government, or an approach to freedom or fairness. “Romneyism” is just “Mitt should be president.”

Mitt Romney’s dream that he’s the second-coming of Ronald Reagan is just that, a dream. You will recall during the 2008 campaign he tried to paint himself as the heir to Ronald Reagan and during the 2012 presidential campaign he went all-out Ronald Reagan, painting Obama as Jimmy Carter. It didn’t work. President Obama won reelection by a landslide, leaving Mitt and Ann Romney (lady in red) stunned beyond words. Hey Mitt, to dream the impossible dream is what you are doing…..

James Brady’s Death Ruled a Homicide From John Hinckley Gunshot in 1981

James Brady's Death Ruled a Homicide From John Hinckley Gunshot in 1981

James Brady’s Death Ruled a Homicide From John Hinckley Jr. Gunshot in 1981 (Photo Credit: Twitter)

James Brady’s death ruled a homicide:  The recent death of former president Ronald Reagan’s press secretary James Brady has been ruled a homicide from John Hinckley Jr.’s gunshot on March 30, 1981 during an assassination attempt.

The District of Columbia medical examiner ruled on Friday that James Brady’s death was the result of grevious injuries he suffered 33 years ago. This means shooter John Hinckley Jr. could be charged with his murder in federal court.

Hinckley is a mental patient at St. Elizabeth hospital in suburban Washington. He was found guilty by reason of insanity for the assassination attempt against Ronald Reagan.

Hinckley, who is now a mental patient at St. Elizabeth’s hospital in suburban Washington.

John Feehery: Barack Obama is the “Velcro President”

John Feehery: Barack Obama is the "Velcro President"

John Feehery: Barack Obama is the “Velcro President” (Credit: Wikipedia)

Barack Obama has been dubbed the “Velcro President” because everything seems to stick to him — IRS scandal, Benghazi, VA, Gitmo prisoner swap, etc. Is this a fair assessment, considering the Republican Party made it their mission to derail him on every move?

John Feehery: “They said that Ronald Reagan was the Teflon President. Nothing, not even Iran-Contra, could stick to him. Barack Obama is the Velcro President. Everything is sticking to him.”

“He probably thought he could get some major political mileage out of bringing home the only prisoner of war held by the Taliban. He even did a Rose Garden ceremony to announce the deal. Boy, was he wrong.”

This comes as the Bowe Bergdahl prisoner swap continues to dog Obama, who seems to have either miscalculated the reaction to deal which included five senior Taliban detainees being set free.

Marc Ambinder: “There’s no bones about it: in trading five Taliban detainees at Guantanamo Bay for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, President Obama willfully broke a law. And this wasn’t an old law, or a law that was passed before he became president. It was his law — or more accurately, successive versions of the military budget bill called the National Defense Authorization Act.”

“Now, Obama did not like the provision that required him to give Congress 30 days of notice before transferring detainees out of Guantanamo. And in a signing statement, he said as much: the executive branch’s ability to defend the country shouldn’t be constrained by the notification period. But the law’s language was clear, as was Congress’s intent.”

The Hill: “A special briefing by senior administration officials Wednesday evening failed to sell skeptical senators concerned about President Obama’s decision to trade five Taliban commanders for Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl’s release.”

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James Baker Says Ronald Reagan Regretted South Africa Sanctions Veto

James Baker Says Ronald Reagan Regretted Veto of Sanctions Against South Africa

James Baker Says Ronald Reagan Regretted Veto of Sanctions Against South Africa

Yet another Republican trying to put perfume on the pig…..Former Secretary of State James Baker said on CBS’ “Face the Nation,” that he was “certain” Ronald Reagan regretted vetoing sanctions against South Africa during Apartheid. Um, of course, he offered no proof of this. He said Ronald Reagan later worked to end the brutality in South Africa. Whatever.

Baker said, “Once that happened and control of South African policy passed to the Congress, President Reagan was really determined to … meet with the black leaders of South Africa and deal with the problems of Apartheid. And he was able to do so.”

Let me also add that Ronald Reagan removed the sanctions put in place by his predecessor Jimmy Carter. He did denounce Nelson Mandela. He also approved a billion dollar IMF loan to the P. W. Botha regime and sold them arms, that were most likely used in Botha’s brutal crackdown on the black population. So excuse me while I puke. Ronald Reagan had a strange way of showing he cared the black South Africans.

James Baker, who met Nelson Mandela, called him an “extraordinarily beautiful human being.” He said, “He had an enduring and endearing presence of dignity that I don’t think I’ve seen on any other person. How many people forgive their captors when they’ve been imprisoned for 27 years?” That’s not what the Tea Party lunatics in the Republican Party want you to believe.

“Lee Daniels’ The Butler’ Under Fire for Portrayal Ronald Reagan as a Racist

"Lee Daniels' The Butler' Under Fire for Portrayal Ronald Reagan as a Racist

“Lee Daniels’ The Butler’ Under Fire for Portrayal Ronald Reagan [played by Alan Rickman] as a Racist

Lee Daniels’ The Butler” is taking some heat from the family of former president Ronald Reagan on his portrayal in the movie as racist. The Washington Post is also out with an interesting take on what the movie got wrong. The article claims Ronald Reagan could never have harbored racist views because he brought home to black football teammates in the early 1930s because all the local hotels refused them accommodations. In 1952, during his tenure as president of the Screen Actors Guild, Reagan called upon the “entertainment industry to provide greater employment for black actors.” Third, during a March 1983 speech, he railed against “the resurgence of some hate groups preaching bigotry and prejudice” in America. 

The Washington Post opinion article cites two areas of concern in the film:

The butler character (played by Forest Whitaker) is invited by the Reagans to a state dinner, a gracious move wholly typical of the first family. The butler’s wife (Oprah Winfrey) clearly enjoys the evening, but the butler is portrayed as uncomfortable. He feels he’s being used as a political tool, a prop, a token African American. Shortly after this supposed humiliation, he resigns from his White House job.

Another questionable moment in the film relates to apartheid. Reagan is shown telling a Republican congresswoman that he will veto any sanctions against South Africa. The lawmaker pleads with the president, insisting that sanctions are the moral course and that Republicans are on board. Reagan refuses to budge, offering no reason for his stubborn support of the racist regime, apparently unsympathetic to black suffering.

I guess this begs the question, was “The Help” an accurate portrayal of racism in Mississippi? Or was Air Force One, starring Harrison Ford, an accurate portrayal of what could have happened if the president’s plane is hijacked?  Be that as it may, Ronald Reagan wasn’t well liked by the black community for a lot of reasons. He seemed to have skirted the issue of race by embracing some of the ideals that proved detrimental to the black community in the first place. For example, during a press conference in October 1983, he couldn’t give a straight answer on whether he thought Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a communist sympathizer. He later apologized to Coretta Scott King.

On a personal level, I might be one of a handful of black Americans who actually liked Ronald Reagan for his toughness on issues of national security and foreign policy. Other than that, as far as domestic policy is concerned, he left us up to our necks in debt.

Andrew Sullivan: If Obama Wins Reelection He Becomes the Democrats’ Ronald Reagan

Official Portrait of President Ronald Reagan

Andrew Sullivan:  If Obama Wins Reelection He Becomes the Democrats’ Ronald Reagan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Daily Beast’s Andrew Sullivan wrote an interesting article about what Obama’s possible reelection would mean, saying he would become the Democrats’ Ronald Reagan, who beat the odds and won. Odds such as a recession, looming terror threats, passing universal healthcare and dealing with high unemployment.

Andrew Sullivan:  “If Obama wins, to put it bluntly, he will become the Democrats’ Reagan. The narrative writes itself. He will emerge as an iconic figure who struggled through a recession and a terrorized world, reshaping the economy within it, passing universal health care, strafing the ranks of al -Qaeda, presiding over a civil-rights revolution, and then enjoying the fruits of the recovery. To be sure, the Obama recovery isn’t likely to have the same oomph as the one associated with Reagan—who benefited from a once-in-a-century cut of top income tax rates (from 70 percent to, at first, 50 percent, and then to 28 percent) as well as a huge jump in defense spending at a time when the national debt was much, much less of a burden.”

“But Obama’s potential for Reagan status (maybe minus the airport-naming) is real. Yes, Bill Clinton won two terms and is a brilliant pol bar none, as he showed in Charlotte in the best speech of both conventions. But the crisis Obama faced on his first day—like the one Reagan faced—was far deeper than anything Clinton confronted, and the future upside therefore is much greater. And unlike Clinton’s constant triangulating improvisation, Obama has been playing a long, strategic game from the very start—a long game that will only truly pay off if he gets eight full years to see it through. That game is not only changing America. It may also bring his opposition, the GOP, back to the center, just as Reagan indelibly moved the Democrats away from the far left.”

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Joshua Green: Newt Gingrich is the Real “Welfare Queen,” Indolent and Undeserving

Newt Gingrich at a political conference in Orl...

Joshua Green: Newt Gingrich is the Real "Welfare Queen," Indolent and Undeserving (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I came across an interesting article dubbing GOP presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich the real Welfare Queen, undeserving and indolent on all fronts. Thankfully, his presidential aspirations are dissipating just as fast as his campaign funds and we won’t be subjected to his hypocritical and self-serving rhetoric.

 Joshua Green:  “But Newt has had a rough go of it since then. He’s fallen back — way, way back. His main source of funding (billionaire Sheldon Adelson) has dried up. His think tank went bankrupt. His campaign is $4.3 million in debt. He doesn’t hold a prayer of beating Mitt Romney, something he has all but conceded. And yet since March 6th, the Secret Service has honored his request for protection at a cost to taxpayers of roughly $40,000 a day (or, to translate that into a metric Newt might favor, enough to supply 13,333 people a day with food stamps). That would yield a tab of more than $5 million were Gingrich to carry out his vow to stay in the race until the Republican convention at the end of August.

But, wait — isn’t Gingrich the same candidate who declared the deficit a profound national crisis and vowed to eliminate it by 2017 using that gimmicky Lean Six Sigma corporate streamlining system created by one of his campaign donors? (Why, yes, he is.) So how can he justify his current status: jobless, deep in debt, no prospects, a drain on public coffers?” Source: Bloomberg Businessweek

Funny he should profess his “adoration” for Ronald Reagan, who coined the term welfare queen. I wonder what would Ronnie really think of Newt Gingrich running for the highest office in this country? Would he approve of his mooching off Sheldon Adelson and the system?

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Newt Gingrich New Campaign Strategy is to Sabotage Mitt Romney in Tampa at Republican National Convention

Newt Gingrich knows he can’t win the GOP presidential nomination, so he will do the next best thing in his mind — sabotage Mitt Romney any way he can, particularly at the Republican National Convention in Tampa.

Patricia Murphy:  Newt Gingrich tipped his hand last night at “his campaign’s real strategy, which is no longer to win to nomination outright but to make Mitt Romney lose by denying him the 1,144 delegates he needs to clinch the GOP nomination before the Republican convention in August.”

“Gingrich has grown increasingly bitter toward Romney throughout the campaign, as the former Massachusetts governor has unloaded a barrage of attacks against the former speaker and, Gingrich believes, hurt his showings at the polls in the process.”

National Journal: “Governor Romney will get at most one out of every three delegates. Once again he will fall dramatically short … I think that the odds against his being able to get 1,144 delegates is very, very high. I think he is more likely to be a front-runner who ends up not finishing the race.” (Quoting Newt Gingrich)

Still think this man is a viable candidate for the White House? If he can’t get his way, he resorts to dirty politics, much like his stint as Speaker of the House. He badmouthed Ronald Reagan then and is acting as though he is the legitimate heir to his legacy. What a narcissist!

Newt Gingrich Should Step Aside and Let Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum Battle it Out for Presidential Nomination

English: Newt Gingrich at a political conferen...

Newt Gingrich Should Step Aside and Let Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum Battle it Out for Presidential Nomination (Wikipedia)

End of the road for Newt Gingrich? If we could be so lucky. Dana Milbank seems to think the writing is on the wall for the erratic egomaniac.

Dana Milbank on Gingrich’s Florida hijinks “Sunday night at a Hyatt bar in Jacksonville, Newt Gingrich approached a table of reporters to announce that a new poll would put him within striking distance of Mitt Romney. “It’s hard to know what the most pitiful part was: That a presidential candidate was whiling away the night at a hotel bar …? That he felt the need to do his own spinning? That the survey he was spinning was a ‘robo-poll’ done by machines? Or that the pollster who did it used to work for Gingrich?” Other polls actually show Romney pulling way ahead, but that hasn’t stopped Gingrich from deceptively citing older polls on the trail or making “religion-bating” references to accuse Romney of mistreating Jews and Catholics, or generally provoking the media, Milbank recounts. Gingrich “said there shouldn’t be ‘any doubt’ that he will remain in the race after Florida. ‘The establishment in both parties is terrified,’ he boasted. Well, at least the Republicans are.”

I didn’t realize the U.S. now has official religions. Um, this is coming from the man who wants to build a colony on the moon, oblivious to the fact that such as feat would be an enormous financial undertaking, which speaks indirectly to the kind of administration he would lead. This is also the same man who erroneously said Nancy Reagan implied her husband had passed the torch on to him to lead the Reagan conservative movement. Newt Gingrich also erroneously announced yesterday that a “brand new poll” had shown a tied race. Newt Gingrich thrives on stirring up dissension based on racial politics.

He accused Mitt Romney of discriminating against Catholics and Jews saying, “I think we need to have a government that respects our religions. “I’m really tired of being lectured about respecting every other religion on the planet. I want them to respect our religions.” Here’s my two cents, it’s time for Newt Gingrich to respect American voters like you and I. He needs to step aside and let Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum battle it out for the nominee. He can’t beat Barack Obama. Well, Santorum can’t either, but he’s more of a conservative in my viewpoint, than Newt Gingrich ever will be.

In closing, the endorsement from Herman Cain and the half-way endorsement from Sarah Palin amount to absolutely nothing. In fact, I would consider both to be the kiss of death for his campaign. Who really takes either seriously?

Drudge Report Continues Attack on Newt Gingrich: Pat Buchanan Says Reagan White House Saw Him as a “Political Opportunist”

The Drudge Report continues its attack on Newt Gingrich, linking to more Republicans unloading on the presidential hopeful. Pat Buchanan, who has credibility issues of his own, says the Reagan White House saw Newt Gingrich as a “political opportunist” and someone who was “not trusted.” Um, this is the same Newt Gingrich who Nancy Reagan said her husband passed the baton to. Either Nancy Reagan has dementia or she didn’t know as much about the Reagan White House as she claimed.

“[I]n the Reagan White House, Newt Gingrich was considered quite frankly by a lot of folks to be something of a political opportunist and who was not trusted and who had played no role whatsoever,” Buchanan said. “He was a Rockefeller Republican in the great Goldwater-Rockefeller battle, where conservatism came of age.”

Buchanan also theorized that Gingrich stumbled in two debates this week because he was caught off guard by all these people who turned on him.

“I do think this, though. Newt has been pounded merciously,” Buchanan said. “He had people he worked with basically turn on him and dump on him down there in Florida, which somehow I think may have had some role in the fact that the great fighter and battler of South Carolina had no fight in him whatsoever in the Monday and Thursday debates in Florida.’

“He let Mitt Romney punch him silly. And he has lost all his momentum. And John, I’m not going to make any predictions because I thought the battler of South Carolina would win Florida, but Romney is surging and it looks like Romney may win Florida. And if he does, it’s all over.” Source: Daily Caller

Here’s a list of links from The Drudge Report slamming Newt Gingrich:

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