German Chancellor Accuses Putin of Breaching International Law in Crimea Invasion

German Chancellor Accuses Putin of Breaching International Law in Crimea Invasion

German Chancellor Accuses Putin of Breaching International Law in Crimea Invasion

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has accused Russian President Vladimir Putin in telephone call of breaching international law with “unacceptable Russian intervention” in Ukraine’s Crimea region.

Reuters reports Vladimir Putin has accepted Chancellor Merkel’s proposal to set up a ‘fact-finding mission to start political dialogue over Ukraine, German government spokesman.

This latest development comes as NATO condemned the Russian invasion and is looking at its options. It called on Russia to withdraw forces back to bases and refrain from interfering elsewhere in Ukraine.

This latest development comes as the Washington Post is urging President Obama to spell out the consequences directly for Russia’s aggression.

Mr. Obama should make clear that he will no longer shrink from applying sanctions to Russian leaders and businesses complicit in aggression or human rights violations. An expanded list of Russian officials subject to visa denials and asset freezes that was drawn up by the State Department late last year should be immediately approved by the White House. Russian officials in the chain of command of the Ukraine invasion, as well as Russian companies and banks operating in Crimea, should be the next targets of financial sanctions.

The most powerful non-military tool the United States possesses is exclusion from its banking system. Mr. Obama should make clear that if Russia does not retreat from Ukraine, it will expose itself to this sanction, which could sink its financial system. Russia’s economy, unlike that of the Soviet Union, is heavily dependent on Western trade and investment. It must be made clear to the Kremlin that the Ukraine invasion will put that at risk.

We are beyond mere words and warnings. The time is now for President Obama and his allies to act against Vladimir Putin’s aggression.

Watch NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen press conference on Crimea invasion:

Disgraceful: FBI investigates hundreds of false claims by phony war heroes

Of all the things that people could lie about, I find it most despicable that someone would lie about service to the country and medals received:

“I think it is disgusting,” said Mike Sanborn, a former Marine and the FBI agent currently in charge of tracking down phony war heroes.

Sanborn said he has been alerted to more than 200 cases of phony heroes in the last year and he says the problem is growing because of the two-front war — in Iraq and Afghanistan — that Americans are fighting. Source: ABC News

According to reports, most people under investigation used phony claims of being a war hero in order to to receive fraudulent disability payments. Not only should people found guilty of this crime be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, I also believe that their photo should be posted up on a website like they do deadbeat parents.

And since these folks took upon themselves to lie about their service in the armed forces, perhaps it might be fitting for them to actually be made to join up. Even if they aren’t physically fit to serve in combat, I say give ’em a desk job so that they can know what it’s like to be in the service. You want to lie about being in the service? Fine, now you’re in the service–deal with it!

What do you think should happen to people who make fraudulent claims of war hero status in order to get a disability check?

Rumsfeld signed secret act in 2004 to attack Al Qaeda ANYWHERE: Be concerned, be very concerned

In case you didn’t already know, back in 2004 Rumsfeld basically wrote a blank check for the military to go wherever they want to in order to chase Al Qaeda:

These military raids, typically carried out by Special Operations forces, were authorized by a classified order that Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld signed in the spring of 2004 with the approval of President Bush, the officials said. The secret order gave the military new authority to attack the Qaeda terrorist network anywhere in the world, and a more sweeping mandate to conduct operations in countries not at war with the United States. Source: New York Times

Basically this is saying that we can attack Al Qaeda in any country wherever they are, without the permission of the country whose border we cross. And we have the nerve to wonder why other countries don’t like America?

Perhaps such a policy would be acceptable if this country had a track record of both reliable intelligence information and proved that it did not abuse it’d position as a world power for financial gain. The fact that this country has such a policy bothers me greatly.

I’m holding my breath until January 20th when the transfer of power is complete. Until this transfer, learning of this policy gives me no comfort, being well aware that it only takes one military action to propel us further into war. The bottom line is that I have little faith in the current administration to exercise sound judgment on anything pertaining to the future of this nation.

God help us!