13 Foods Deficient in MN + IA + IL in 2023


Expect to see shortages of these 13 items in stores in Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin and across the United States.

One of the strangest moments of my life was when I walked into a grocery store in Minnesota in April 2020. I thought I was in a Marvel movie and Thanos came and not only took all the people, but he took all the bread, the meat. , cereal, eggs, milk, toilet paper and all canned food except lima beans… wait, there was one can of them.

I know you remember that moment in our lives. Luckily, we have toilet paper now, but unfortunately we are seeing a surge in prices on store shelves, and more shortages are expected in 2023 in Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin and across the US.

13 Foods That Will Be Hard to Find in the US in 2023

I will never forget walking through the grocery store in April 2020 and seeing the shelves completely empty. Thankfully, we’re not seeing shortages as massive as in 2020, but The Daily Meal predicts 13 food items that will be hard to come by in 2023.

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What NOT to do when you see a list of goods in short supply in 2023

I remember when people stocked up on toilet paper at home. Admit it, you had much more than you need. My family said I was “part of the problem” but the truth is I had multiple packages because Target had one of those deals where if you spent that much you got a gift card. Like they were asking me to hoard toilet paper, which I did. I made this visit just before our world shut down… but I took advantage of this sale thanks to a friend who informed me that the Washington DC stores had run out of toilet paper. I never thought it would happen here, but then again, maybe the stores shouldn’t have had incentives to buy more at the same time. I made $20 that day!

As long as stores don’t pay us to buy more stock that is in short supply, and WE don’t wipe the shelves clean and start stockpiling, everything will be fine.

What item are you having a hard time finding right now?

I’ll go first – Fiesta Korn. I put this in my chili and haven’t been able to find it since the pandemic hit. Does anyone have any leads on these cute, adorable little corn and pepper jars? You can send me a note with clues about this and what you’ve been having a hard time finding on my Facebook page lately – Jessica on the radio.

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