The U.S. government has made an embarrassing error in sending intercontinental ballistic missile electrical fuses to Taiwan in error. That was just crazy, but the nerve of the Chinese government’s scathing statements directed towards the U.S. is actually laughable. Aren’t these the same people who ship substandard products with lead and other things to the U.S.A. and dare I say, other countries? Isn’t this the same country that is somehow tangled up in the heparin recall across the United States and Europe? Isn’t this the same country that is currently embroiled in human rights violations with the Tibetans? Okay, I thought for a second it was another country that had the right tools and policies in place criticizing the United States.

China has strongly protested the U.S. military’s mistaken delivery to Taiwan, demanding an investigation and steps to “eliminate the negative effects and disastrous consequences.” I wonder, have they launched an investigation to see how we are getting fish preserved with formaldahyde or the reasons why the lab in China used questionable chemicals in the recent massive heparin recall? In a statement posted on the ministry’s Web site, Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang said China had brought a “serious representation” to Washington and expressed “strong displeasure” over the error. I wonder what they are doing to quell the unrest in Tibet, in view of the fact that the Olympics will be held this summer.

The U.S. Defense Department said Tuesday that the Air Force had mistakenly shipped to Taiwan four electrical fuses designed for use on intercontinental ballistic missiles. The fuses have since been recovered and an investigation launched. While the shipment did not include nuclear materials, the error is particularly sensitive because Beijing vehemently opposes U.S. arms sales to Taiwan, the self-governed island that China considers its own territory. Four of the cone-shaped fuses were shipped to Taiwanese officials in fall 2006 instead of the helicopter batteries they had ordered. This is a damn shame. The U.S. is selling all kinds of stuff to countries all over the world. First we had the passport breaches, now this. Incidentally, this shipment was not just sent recently, which begs the question of where the hell was the oversight? Didn’t the military miss these products? Again, there is a serious lack of oversight across governmental bodies in this country.

“We … demand the U.S. side thoroughly investigate this matter, and report to China in a timely matter the details of the situation and eliminate the negative effects and disastrous consequences created by this incident,” the statement said. Again, I beg to differ… Where are the explanations from China about the heparin scare, the lead scare, the food scare, among other things. Where is the explanation from China about their horrible human rights record? You see, America has a real problem with trading with Cuba and removing the embargoes, yet we can continue to sell our soul and borrow money from China. Isn’t there a double standard here? Who is watching China as it spreads its tentacles to Africa. Are they doing anything to quell the problems in the Darfur region, yet they have pitched tents in Sudan? Please, while the U.S. is as wrong as they can ever be with the mix-up in Taiwan, China needs to check itself first before threatening another country. Just my thoughts, you be the judge…..