My heart goes out to the Silda Wall Spitzer, wife of New York Governor Eliot Spitzer. Mrs. Spitzer must be shell-shocked right now. I really feel her pain and women all over should sympathize with her. My first inclination is that there is no way I would have stood next to him during his brief speech yesterday. He would have had to do that on his own. But I pondered my position for a moment and came to the realization that it simply was not the time for her to retaliate. She’ll have a lot of time to decide what to do. You could see the expression on her face–shock–as she stood quietly next to her husband during the press conference yesterday. The whole world now knows that her husband had a tryst, possibly more than one, with a high-priced prostitute. Oouch, that must hurt like crazy.
Media reports have said that the words failed to soothe Silda Wall Spitzer’s closest friends, who advised her to take the kids and run. “They were great together — fun, fabulous to be around. There was never even one small inkling of anything like this,” the friend told the New York Daily News. “If I were her, I would call my mother or my best friend and pack my bags and go someplace far away for six months and take my daughters with me.” Another pal told the News she is “disgusted” Spitzer betrayed his wife of 20 years. “Oh, poor Silda. She is such a wonderful woman. I cannot even imagine this,” the friend said.
So many women can share the same story: Silda Wall Spitzer, 50, pursued a career as a corporate lawyer while raising three daughters — Alyssa, 17, Sarabeth, 15, and Jenna, 13. She quit her high-powered job to stay home with their three kids and to run a nonprofit she started to help children learn about philanthropy. She believed in her husband’s dream and career aspirations and put hers on hold. Now, to be betrayed in such a manner is simply unacceptable.
No woman deserves this, from Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Hillary Clinton, Dina McGreevey, Effie Barry, Donna Hannover, and I could go on and on, the issues of adultery have been no less painful, no matter the color of your skin.
“Eliot and I both grew up with parents who worked together as a strong team,” Silda said in an interview last year with The Times Union of Albany. “That’s the only way I know how to go about it, to be as supportive as I can be for him. He, in turn, is as supportive as he can be with my interests and endeavors.” He has betrayed her, but what she does next is crucial. Maybe she’ll stick it out, like Hillary Clinton, who clearly had an agenda for doing so, or she may tell him to hit the road. The latter would be my choice, but that’s just it, my choice. You be the judge…..