The writing is on the wall for Sheila Jackson-Lee and her unwavering support to Hillary Clinton. She was booed when she took the stage at the Democratic Senate District convention on the campus of Texas Southern University. A majority of the crowd showed its support for Barack Obama by shouting his name and booing the congresswoman, letting her know what they thought of her allegiance to Hillary Clinton. According to media reports, an Obama supporter said “For her to standout against the wishes of her district and be a Clinton supporter, I guess pissed off our delegation.”

I have always liked her, until she decided to go against the popular vote of her constituents and opt to pledge her vote to Hillary Clinton. For years, Sheila Jackson Lee has been a popular politician in the 18th Congressional district; winning re-election overwhelmingly at least five times since 1995.

“It is always tough to go into the face of adversity,” she admitted to the chorus of boos she received Saturday. Yeah, lady, you’d better take this serious because your actions may very well cost you your congressional seat. Sheila Jackson Lee said “What would I be if I went back on my word to an individual that I’ve worked with for more than a decade and sat down talked to me about her vision for America.” So, my question to Sheila Jackson-Lee is what is your responsibility towards your constituents, the people who believed in you to have voted you into office so many times? I think those are the voices you need to heed, not Hillary Clinton’s. The same holds true for Bill Richardson, whose state New Mexico went to Hillary Clinton in the primary; John Kerry and Ted Kennedy, who have pledged their votes to Barack Obama, but Clinton won their state’s primary. This needs to be uniform across the board and criticism needs to be doled out equitably, not just against Sheila Jackson-Lee. Just my thoughts, you be the judge….