The New York Post is reporting that a multimillion-dollar home located in Dix Hills, Long Island and owned by rapper 50 Cent has burned to the ground in what is being described as suspicious. The interesting point is that the mansion is at the center of a dispute between 50 Cent and his former girlfriend, Shaniqua Tompkins, who lived in the home with her two children.

Interestingly, the blaze occurred just days after a heated confrontation inside the woman’s attorney’s office over the home. 50 Cent does not live in the home and apparently wasn’t there at the time. Six people inside the Dix Hills home were taken to a hospital suffering smoke inhalation. This could be serious. Investigators from the Suffolk County arson squad were called to the scene after Dix Hills Fire Chief Larry Feld deemed the blaze suspicious. The fire was reported at 4:59 a.m. and was extinguished about 45 minutes later, Feld said. He referred the case to the arson squad “because of the intensity of the fire, and also being that who belongs to the house.”

Earlier this year, Tompkins filed suit against 50 Cent, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, claiming he had promised her the $2.4 million house more than a decade ago, but that since their breakup he now wants to evict her and their 10-year-old son from the home. According to the NY Post, Tompkins’ lawyer, Paul Catsandonis, told The Associated Press in a telephone interview that the dispute over the house had become “extremely, extremely contentious” in recent days. Although he declined to be specific, he said there was an “extremely dangerous incident” on Monday in his Manhattan office while taking a deposition for the lawsuit.The dispute was involving the parties in question, he said.

Catsandonis said the 32-year-old rapper paid about $2.4 million for the house, one of the largest in the Long Island neighborhood of Dix Hills. He said 50 Cent, who was shot outside his grandmother’s Queens home in 2000, had told Tompkins, 32, he wanted her and their son to live in a safe and secure place. He also contended that the rapper signed an agreement that would give Tompkins half of all the rappers’ earnings as a hip-hop superstar. “Everything that’s his is hers, everything that’s hers is his. He memorialized in an email that he intended to give her the house.”

This is all very ugly and I am no fan of 50 Cent, but it is always a shame to hear that someone’s house has burned to the ground. I hope, if this is indeed arson, the perpetrators are caught and prosecuted to the fullest extent. I don’t follow 50 Cent nor do I care about the squabble with this woman, the fact still remains that his house was burned to the ground.