As a parent, I am always deeply saddened at the passing of a child. What is alleged to have led up to his death is a shame. Jordan McLean, 5, was thrown from an SUV and killed early Thursday after his aunt’s, Claris Edwards, vehicle crossed the path of two drag-racing cars, police and witnesses said. His aunt swerved her Ford Escape away from one car but could not avoid a blue BMW. The luxury sedan slammed into the SUV, spinning the Ford and ejecting Jordan from the backseat. The little boy ended up pinned between his aunt’s crumpled SUV and a wall on 109th Ave. in Jamaica.

According to the NY Daily News, an eyewitness, Roosevelt Watson, said that “I just heard a boom and the car started spinning out.” “We pulled a lady out of the car and she started screaming, ‘Where’s my baby?’ ‘Where’s my baby?’ “Claris Edwards was driving north on 164th Place to drop the boy and his mother, Marcia McEachron, at their home just after midnight. Two cars suddenly roared down 109th Ave. – a drag-racing hot spot, residents said.”Two cars were racing, they were speeding,” said Edwards’ son Christopher Smith, 21. “She tried to pull away from one but the other one hit her.”The BMW’s driver and passengers fled and were not found in a police sweep. The police said that the second car in the race – described by witnesses as a burgundy Jaguar sedan – drove off and did not return. Herein lies a big problem. The BMW had been purchased and registered in the name of a Queens man who did not actually buy it, a police source said. Investigators believe that man had his identity stolen, the source said. I guess they may never find the driver of this car.

Jordan, who was raised on the island of Jamaica before moving to Queens a month ago, died at Jamaica Hospital a short time later. McEachron’s husband, who still lives on the island, collapsed when he heard his son had died, relatives said. That is really sad and that little boy did not have to die. The Department of Transportation should have done something about that stretch of road. Angry residents said the stretch of 109th Ave. is popular with racers. Councilman Leroy Comrie (D-Queens) said he would ask Queens District Attorney Richard Brown, who launched other successful operations against drag racing, to crack down on the practice in southeast Queens. To add insult to injury, a DOT spokesman said there had been seven accidents at the intersection since 2003, but it did not meet the federal standards for an additional traffic light or stop sign. So my question is, what does it really have to take before something is done to control a serious problem on our streets or will more lives be lost before they do something. Just my thoughts, you be the judge….