Hillary Clinton, the Fat Lady is trying to tell you it’s time to leave. Hate her or love her, you have got to admit that Hillary Clinton fought for the nomination, but came up short. Some people envision a dream ticket. At first I thought that would have been a good idea, but now, that is furthest from the truth. There are a lot of other solid candidates that Obama has to choose from and I suspect that he will. Hillary Clinton would make a good secretary of Health or Education because she has worked tirelessly for both causes. Obama should definitely consider her for a high level cabinet position.

Puerto Rico was Hillary Clinton’s last stand and she won resoundingly. She beat Obama 2:1, which was indeed a trouncing, no matter how symbolic. We must admit that she got over 17 million votes and that should not be taken lightly. She should be damned proud of what she accomplished and should stop trying take it to the convention against insurmountable odds. It is time to bring the party together in order to get ready for the fall elections. This squabbling about who is the better person needs to end because there is no way Hillary Clinton can claim the nomination with a straight face at this point.

For what it is worth, Hillary Clinton has created a brand for herself. She is no longer in the shadow of her husband and why would she want to be in the shadow of Barack Obama? She has shown during this campaign that she is a formidable candidate, despite the many embellishments, misstatements and accusations lobbed at Obama. She has fought a good fight and she has proven to women everywhere, much as Shirley Chisholm did, that we are limited only by our capabilities. So, not be to sexist, but to give credit where it is due. Many people hate her, but you have to admit that she played tough, sometimes a little too dirty, but she fought. Hillary, girl, you have come to the end of the road. Stop mucking up the process and let it go. Just my thoughts, you be the judge…..