I think that it would be prudent to pay attention to what half of the physicians who responded to the survey had to say:

In the survey, the foundation sent questionnaires to more than 150,000 doctors nationwide. Of the 12,000 respondents, 49 percent said they’d consider leaving medicine. Many said they are overwhelmed with their practices, not because they have too many patients, but because there’s too much red tape generated from insurance companies and government agencies.

And if that many physicians stopped practicing, that could be devastating to the health care industry. Source: CNN

This should serve as another indication that we need to reform the entire healthcare system, including the insurance industry:

So what to do? Physicians don’t have a lot of answers. But doctors say it’s time to make some changes, not only in the health care field but also with the insurance industry. And they’re looking to the new administration for guidance. Source: CNN

After reading this article, I wonder if a universal healthcare system would eliminate some of the complexities of the current system.

What do you think?