I recently made a comment on an article that highlighted that AIG executives have experienced a surge in death threats since the whole bonus scandal recently blew up. Here’s what I had to say about it:

“While I certainly don’t advocate violence against anyone, I will remind folks that when you lay down with dogs, you often wake up with fleas. If the AIG executives thought that their decision to accept huge bonuses in the wake of the bailout, they are now being forced to rethink this logic…”

Source: The Thomas Tribune on Newsvine.com

Today I came across an article by David Rees in which he recounts his experience with death threats he received as a result of his post-9/11 political cartoons. His position is that the AIG executives (and those hoping to garner sympathy for them) are little more than crybabies who need to suck it up:

“Pay me $700,000 a year, or however much the AIG guy whining in today’s New York Times made, and you can threaten me with death all goddamn day. Because do you have any idea how much money that is??? Hell, I’ll let you throw rocks at me. I’ll let you poison my soup. You can slash my tires and spray-paint my driveway. AND ONCE I GET ALL THAT MONEY, I’M TOTALLY PAYING OFF SOME STUDENT LOANS AND FIXING THE GARAGE ROOF AND BUYING SOME NEW PANTS. Because that’s an insane amount of money.”

Source: Huffington Post

I couldn’t agree more with Rees! These fat cats need to suck it up and deal with the consequences of their actions one way or another.