Of course Dog the Bounty Hunter wants us all to forget his use of the “N” word in a call recorded by his own son, Tucker.

My position on this is that people are always sorry when they get caught. The bottom line is that Dog wouldn’t have apologized if his entire career wasn’t on the line.

A the end of the day I’m not gonna loose sleep over this another piece of trash that probably still uses the “N” word in private:

“HONOLULU, Hawaii (CNN) — It’s been more than a year since a racial slur threatened to end the television career of Duane ‘Dog the Bounty Hunter’ Chapman. But the incident still weighs heavily on his mind.

A&E briefly suspended his top-rated reality show in late 2007, and his reputation was on the line.

Now, with his show back on the air and at the top of the network’s ratings list, Chapman insists that he does not want the controversy to be forgotten.

“They said, ‘It’ll pass,’ and I said to the guy, ‘You know what? I won’t let it.’ “

Chapman, 56, spoke candidly about accusations of racism on a recent windy Saturday afternoon on the sidelines of 8-year-old son Garry’s baseball game.

It was his other son, Tucker, who recorded a profanity-laced conversation with his father and reportedly sold the recording — which included Chapman repeatedly using the “n-word” — to the National Enquirer in 2007.

Some African-American leaders called for the cancellation of his show.

Chapman said he was advised to lay low for several weeks, but he refused.” Source: CNN