This may seem like a cold case, but if this were your family member, wouldn’t you want people to care what happened?

Something definitely sounds fishy about this case where young Cleashindra Hall left her job at a doctor’s home and was never seen again. Apparently the police did not immediately search the home of this doctor, leaving the possibility that valuable evidence could have been removed:

“NEW YORK (CNN) — Cleashindra Hall was 18 and in the most exciting time of her life when she disappeared in May 1994, a week after her senior prom. Cleashindra Hall was two weeks shy of her high school graduation when she disappeared.

She had spent hours preparing for the prom, choosing the perfect dress and getting her hair and nails done. She was an honor roll student and would give the commencement speech at her high school graduation in two weeks. Hall wanted to be a pediatrician and was looking forward to attending Tennessee State University to study pre-medicine.

But all that came to an abrupt halt after 8:30 p.m. May 9, 1994, when she left her after-school job at the home office of Dr. Larry Amos in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. It was the last time she was seen.

She usually called home when finished work, and one of her parents would pick her up. She spoke to her mother on the phone just after 8 p.m. Her mother expected her to call again soon for a ride home. She never did.

Police urge anyone with more information regarding the whereabouts of Cleashindra Hall to call the tip line at 870-543-5111. More than $10,000 in reward money is offered.” Source: CNN