We first brought you the tragic story of the Revelus family, last week. All three Revelus children (including Kirby Revelus, who murdered his two sisters) were laid to rest in a joint ceremony (video below).

It is unimaginable what this family must be going through right now. I am glad to see that the community has rallied around them. I truly hope that this tragedy will bring further awareness to mental illness:

“(NECN: Stephen Iandoli, Mattapan, Mass.) – The sole survivor of a rampage that left three of her siblings dead, little Sarafina Revelus, 9, was recently released from the hospital and limped into the Jubilee Christian Church Saturday to say goodbye.

In an extremely emotional final farewell, where one person had to be taken away by ambulance, more than a thousand friends, family and well-wishers packed the Mattapan Church to pay their final respect to 17-year-old Samantha and 5-year-old Bianca — sisters taken way too early, but remembered for the impact they made in such a short time.

Kerby Revelus, 23, who killed his sisters in their Milton home last weekend before police shot and killed him, lay next to them at the funeral. The Revelus siblings will be laid to rest side-by-side.

“She’s still the mother of all three,” Revelus family spokesman Ernst Guerrier said. “There was absolutely no discussion of ever having two separate ceremonies. From the very beginning it was always going to be that three children were going to be buried together.”

A trust fund has also been set up for the Revelus Children at Citizen’s Bank. The family did extend an invitation to the funeral to the Milton PD. They did not attend. The Revelus family attorney said he believes that was probably out of respect for the family.

NECN’s Stephen Iandoli reports.” Source: NECN

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