What happened to Wilhel Blake,91, at the hands of immigration in Great Britain is unconscionable. The elderly Jamaican woman was detained for four hours and subjected to “patronizing” interrogation by immigration officers at Britain’s Gatwick Airport last month. She was reportedly kept in custody by immigration officers interrogation after once seeing her on a buggy, suspected that she had somehow illegally tampered with the National Health Service system on a previous visit. What is equally reprehensible is the fact that this woman urinated on herself because of the stress from this horrific treatment.

Blake’s granddaughter, Trish Adudu, who is a BBC journalist and radio presenter, was furious with the immigration officer’s actions. “It’s just disgraceful. The fact that they can detain a 91-year-old woman for four hours having come from Jamaica, not have her family be able to represent her in anyway and ask very patronising and scary questions for a 91-year-old – it’s disgraceful,” said Adudu.

Blake has had previous trips to England and had never come under scrutiny before. She flew to Gatwick to be at her grandson’s wedding in Coventry. She arrived at Gatwick at 10:20 a.m. and was detained until 2:20 p.m.

The treatment she allegedly suffered is cause for concern for Adudu. “She was disoriented because she had been on an eight-hour flight from Jamaica,” explained Adudu. “All she accepted from them was a cup of tea. She felt that they were very short with her. She felt very angry. She felt humiliated, distressed and frightened. She’s 91, so try and put yourself in that situation – how would you feel?”

Adudu added: “She’s really sad. She’s been here five times and it’s never happened (before). She’s over for my brother’s wedding and she felt humiliated. She was so distressed that as soon as my brother got her, when she was allowed out, she wet herself, which was humiliating for her because she’s a very strong woman. Source: Jamaica Gleaner

Sorry, but this seems to be a case of racial profiling and the 91-year old woman didn’t deserve this.