Fox News analyst Tucker Carlson says Michael Vick should have been “executed” for his role in dog-fighting ring.

I try not to comment on much of the vitriol being spewed by Fox News and its band of idiots as much as I can, but Tucker Carlson’s comments that Michael Vick should have been “executed” for his role in a dogfighting ring, takes the cake. Er, one look at Tucker Carlson should pretty much sum things up. He is such an accomplished journalist and political authority. Of course, I am being facetious. I thought America was the land of second chances for people who fell on their faces once, not repeatedly. I can’t seem to recall hearing Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson dogging out Bernie Madoff (a Ponzi schemer), Charlie Sheen (a woman abuser) and Martha Stewart (who lied under oath). You see, Charlie Sheen is still one of the highest paid actors on television and Martha, what can I say? She’s still on television and a force to be reckoned with. I can’t seem to recall hearing the upstanding and morally superior clan at Fox News calling for her head.

What had Carlson riled up was President Obama’s statement that he was glad Vick was given a second chance by the Philadelphia Eagles.

Carlson was guest hosting for Sean Hannity’s show on Fox News Channel on Tuesday night when he made the remarks. He led a panel discussion about President Barack Obama commending the owner of the Eagles for giving Vick a second chance after his release from prison. Vick served 18 months in federal prison for running a dogfighting ring. Carlson says, “Michael Vick killed dogs, and he did (it) in a heartless and cruel way.” He added, “I think personally he should have been executed for that.” Source: AJC

Er, I personally think Tucker Carlson has a girl’s body, as evident from his attire during his miserable stint on “Dancing with the Stars” but you didn’t hear me dogging him out because of that. He’s a self-righteous punk whose day of reckoning is coming. Many in this country have fallen short, but have paid their debt to society, pulled themselves up and have become productive members of society. Michael Vick is not a repeat offender. He broke the law and served his sentence and now it’s time to move on. If Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes had any decency, they would repudiate this horrific choice of words uttered by Tucker Carlson. What about all the white murderers out their who prey on little kids?