First Lady Michelle Obama’s windswept hair as she arrived on tarmac at Dublin Airport makes The Drudge Report and she was compared to Jedward twins in Eurovision contest.

Unless First Lady Michelle Obama wore a hat, there was nothing she could do to stop the wind from blowing her hair as she landed on Irish soil. It’s really childish and ridiculous for the news media (Daily Mail) to make hay out of this, particularly the right wing — The Drudge Report. No matter who disembarked from Air Force One, the result would have been the same — windblown hair.

Do we really care? Of course, Michelle Obama can do no right in the eyes of the right-wing leaning media outlets and websites.

First Lady Michelle Obama battles wind for a second day on European trip as she fought to control light summer dress and hair outside Buckingham Palace.

Michelle Obama battling wind again. AFP/Getty

UPDATE#1: Er, on second thought, Mrs. Obama’s handlers should have done better by her with anticipating the windy conditions in Great Britain. For the second day in a row, Mrs. O has had to battle the wind, both her hair and her dress. Unless President Obama was Moses come back from the dead, there is nothing he could do to stop the wind. That’s for the right wing folks who will stop at nothing to criticize the First Couple.

On a serious note, Mrs. Obama’s handlers had better take note of what her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II does in situations like that. According to the UK Telegraph, the Queen’s dressmakers, who sew tiny weights into the hems of her gowns. As you can also see, the wind gust did a number on her hair too, but as you can see, the Queen also had an issue with the wind and her hat. So there. In my book, the hair is a non-issue, the dress is a different story.

Obamas Arriving in Dublin: