Union vice president Chris Shelton calls NJ Gov. Chris Christie, “Adolf Christie” over proposed pension reform plans and says we’re living in Nazi Germany.

Communications Workers of America vice president, Chris Shelton, stooped to the lowest level possible, when he called New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, “Adolf Christie” and said it appears Americans are living through another Nazi Germany. He said it is going to “take World War III to get rid of Adolf Christie.” He made these inflammatory statements during a rally against Christie’s proposed pension reform plans. You may not like Christie for some of his moves and his brash style, but to compare him to Adolf Hitler and to say we are living in Nazi Germany is wrong and disturbing on so many levels. An apology from Chris Shelton should be demanded by union members everywhere. “Heil Adolf Christie” — that’s just plain wrong.

Watch video – Union leader Chris Shelton calls Gov. Chris Christie, Adolf Christie: