GOP presidential hopeful Rick Perry tries to save campaign after brain freeze during his comments about which government agencies he would close if elected.

Texas Governor Rick Perry
Rick Perry Tries to Save Campaign After Brain Freeze During CNBC Presidential Debate (Wikipedia)
Rick Perry tries to save campaign after brain freeze during last night’s presidential debates and pundits on both sides have come out swinging.This was such a horrible blunder, you will no doubt see him on the media circuit trying to repair the damage, which I think speaks to him not being ready for prime time. Maybe he should have really stuck to his secessionist movement. SNL will be opening Saturday’s show with this blunder. He couldn’t name the third agency he would abolish — Energy Department. Rick Perry’s “oops” reverberated across the U.S. last night. That was bad. Very bad.

Howard Kurtz: “After a series of stumbling performances, the governor of Texas attempted to tick off the three federal agencies he would abolish, and was stumped at two. He paused, regrouped, and still couldn’t come up with the missing one (the Energy Department, which is hardly obscure). It was the only Perry moment anyone will remember, and a metaphor for his erratic campaign.”

Brad Phillips: “With his bumbling answer, Mr. Perry reinforced the now almost irreversible perception that he is not ready for prime time. That indelible moment will linger, and will likely doom his campaign.”

Jonathan Chait: “And that’s it for Rick Perry. His latest debate performance was so world-historically awful that it truly seems beyond all repair.” Source

No matter how he spins this, his presidential aspirations have come to a screeching halt. Everyone now realizes that he would literally be swimming with the sharks in a debate with President Barack Obama. The man isn’t ready for prime time and he certainly isn’t ready for the White House. This slate of Republican presidential candidates is a joke. I can’t see one candidate that has a legitimate chance at beating Obama in 2012. Hey Rick, your old stomping grounds at Niggerhead is calling you!