TX high school senior Joaquin Luna commits suicide over illegal immigration status and bemoaned the chances of federal Dream Act passage.

Illegal immigrant high school senior Joaquin Luna, 18, of Mission, TX, committed suicide Friday because he “felt trapped by his lack of opportunities” and his despair at the chances of the federal Dream Act.

Mr Mendoza said: ‘He was actually doing this for the cause, mainly the Dream Act.

‘He was doing this to show politicians, to show that something had to be done because there are a lot of kids out there in the same situation.”

The sad death highlights the plight of hundreds of thousands of illegal-immigrant students who are caught between a decision their parents made when they were young and the realities of U.S. immigration law.

Luna was a student at Benito Juarez-Abraham Lincoln High School in Mission, Texas, where he earned A and B grades and a particular talent for design. Source

This is disturbing on so many levels, but to commit suicide over one’s immigration status takes the cake. Please share your thoughts over Joaquin Luna’s suicide