Yvan Lamothe, a black former New Hampshire state employee and a small business owner, confronted GOP presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich over his suggestion that blacks should demand paychecks and not foodstamps. Yvan Lamothe drew strong applause from the crowd when the told Gingrich that he has never taken welfare or food stamps and was offended by Gingrich’s suggestion that most African Americans do, Think Progress reports. Gingrich then played the “I have lots of blacks friends” role by saying that he has worked with people like Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell in the past:

LAMOTHE: My question to you is, do think blacks represent an American problem. And if you don’t think that, when you start using blacks in general as a stepping stone or a punching bag–

GINGRICH: I didn’t say that. I just want to say that frankly this makes me very irritated. The Democratic National Committe took totally out of context half of the sentence, OK? I mean clearly somebody who’s served with Colin Powell, who has served with Condaleeza Rice, I have a fairly good sense of the fact that African Americans have many contributions to America. Source: Think Progress

I am glad blacks are speaking up. You can’t hear this bullsh*t and just take it lying down. Yes, there are significant problems in the black community, much like the Hispanic community, but that doesn’t mean you lump all blacks together and make blanket statements like that or play the race card to stoke the fears of white voters. Yvan Lamothe was not satisfied with Newt Gingrich’s response. He told Think Progress, “He didn’t say some black people, he just said black people. I was incensed by that,”and added, “He should stop using blacks as a punching bag.”