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SC The State Newspaper Endorses Jon Huntsman for GOP Presidential Nominee: "He Could Bring Us Back Together" (Wikipedia)

South Carolina’s The State newspaper is backing Jon Huntsman for the Republican presidential nominee saying, “Jon Huntsman is a true conservative, with a record and platform of bold economic reform straight out of the free-market bible, but he’s a realist, whose goal is likewise to get things done.” I have long maintained that Jon Huntsman is the best candidate among the current slate who can best lead this country out of the economic mess we are in, but he doesn’t seem to able to break out of being seen as a bottom-tier candidate. The media doesn’t give Jon Huntsman the time of day because he’s not as controversial, charismatic or gaffe-prone as some of the other candidates, so people don’t really get to see him in a positive light. Under his leadership, Utah led the nation in job creation. That shouldn’t be lost on the American voter. It should be played over and over in the media, but it isn’t. The Pew Center ranks Utah as the best-managed state in the country.

He also is head and shoulders above the field on foreign policy. He served as President George H.W. Bush’s U.S. ambassador to Singapore and President George W. Bush’s deputy U.S. trade representative and U.S. trade ambassador, and the next entry on that resume is even more impressive: He was a popular and successful governor in an extremely conservative state, well positioned to become a leading 2012 presidential contender, when Mr. Obama asked him to serve in arguably our nation’s most important diplomatic post, U.S. ambassador to China. It could be political suicide, but he didn’t hesitate. As he told our editorial board: “When the president asks you to serve, you serve.”


We need a president who can work within our poisonous political environment to solve our nation’s problems, not simply score partisan points. Someone who understands that negotiation is essential in a representative democracy, and that there are good ideas across the political spectrum. Someone who has a well-defined set of core values but is not so rigid that he ignores new information and new conditions. Someone who has shown himself to be honest and trustworthy. And competent. Someone whose positions are well-reasoned and based on the world as it is rather than as he pretends it to be. Someone with the temperament and judgment and experience to be taken seriously as the commander in chief and leader of the free world.

We think Mr. Romney could demonstrate those characteristics. Mr. Huntsman already does. And we are proud to endorse him for the Republican nomination for president of the United States.

What makes him attractive are the essential values that drive his candidacy: honor and old-fashioned decency and pragmatism. As he made clear Wednesday to a room packed full of USC students on the first stop of his “Country First” tour, his goal is to rebuild trust in government, and that means abandoning the invective and reestablishing the political center. Source: The State

I would urge the conservatives and Independents to give Jon Huntsman a second look and I am sure they will find a candidate who can best go up against President Barack Obama in the general election. Jon Huntsman has a record of accomplishment and shows he can reach across the aisle and work with the Democrats. After all, he was able to put partisanship aside and work for President Obama. That shouldn’t be a black mark against him. It should be viewed favorably. Either voters want substance over drama or they just want to keep the circus going.  Now let’s see how many times CNN, MSNBC and Fox News mention Jon Huntsman was endorsed by The State.

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