Rush Limbaugh is spewing some bullsh*t again, saying the Trayvon Martin murder outrage isn’t real. Yeah, just like the fake outrage about his slut comments towards Sandra Fluke. Yeah, Trayvon Martin’s murder and racism in general are a figment of our imagination. Isn’t that just what conservatives want us to think that there is no racism in America? Here’s an excerpt from his show’s transcript:

[T]he next time the media and the Democrat Party get all exercised about something happening in our country or in our culture or in our media, and when they’re all in unity on it, the reaction ought to be they’re lying.  They’re making it up.  There’s a political agenda here.  There is no real outrage, for example.

All these people supposedly calling advertisers of this program.  There was no angry consumer outrage.  It was all trumped up.  The same thing was attempted with the Trayvon Martin case.  To create a false reality, to make it look like the country is as agitated as the left is, but it never is.  The country is never as roiled and as agitated as the left is.  They can succeed in upsetting people.  But the object lesson here is to, from this point forward, just don’t believe them. Source: Rush Limbaugh

Really Rush? So, the racism in America in the 1900s didn’t exist. You mean to tell me Jim Crow was a figment of our imagination too? Racial profiling is just some bullsh*t? What a dumbass. Um, there’s one slight problem to his “analysis,” several surveys contradict his position.  A Pew Research Center poll  released Tuesday shows 25 percent of Americans are following the Martin story more closely than any other story,  making it the top news Americans were interested in last week. A CNN poll this week showed 73 percent of Americans think Zimmerman should be arrested. So, in the minds of most sane Americans, this wasn’t fake.

The bottom line is simply this, when you can walk in the shoes of someone who has been discriminated against, then you have the right to offer an opinion on the subject. In closing, Rush Limbaugh is forgetting one important detail, the Democratic Party didn’t start the Trayvon Martin backlash. His parents did because the Sanford police didn’t do it’s job for whatever reason, could be covering for the son of retired judge. Who knows, but it didn’t start with the Democratic Party.