Obama Campaign Video Touts Success, Unveils New 2012 Campaign Slogan "Forward"

The Obama campaign released anew  seven-minute long web video on Monday highlighting the president’s first term accomplishments and contrasting them with the prior administration. You know, the mess he inherited from former president George W. Bush. The new campaign slogan is “Forward.” The video doesn’t specifically name Mitt Romney as the Republican opponent, but blames its policies for the still sluggish economy.

The ad starts off by focusing on events from January 2008 onward, highlighting a downward trending timeline detailing mounting job losses, the foreclosure crisis, the stock market plunge, and the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy, with pictures of former President George W. Bush transposed beneath.

Well, lots happened under Obama’s first term in office and I will give him much deserved credit for nabbing Osama bin Laden,  ending the war in Iraq (kinda) and overthrowing Moammar Ghadhafi, but we are still trying to figure out what the heck Obamacare really means for working class Americans and dealing with a skyrocketing deficit. That doesn’t even include fixing the illegal immigration situation, though more illegals have been deported under Obama’s watch than his predecessor, but what about the DREAM Act? What’s equally worrisome is that Mitt Romney’s policies won’t be a whole lot different, since I consider him a RINO, Republican in Name Only.