Ronald Fenty, Father of R&B Singer Rihanna, Worried She May Die from Drug Overdose Like Idol Whitney Houston (Twitchy)

Rihanna’s dad, Ronald Fenty, is worried that she’s going to end up dead from a cocaine overdose like Whitney Houston, her childhood idol. There are some real fears that her erratic and wild behavior could derail her career. Um, I gave up purchasing Rihanna’s music a long time ago. Like Whitney Houston, she has surrounded herself with all the wrong people, who really don’t care about her so much, but more about the benefits of hanging with her. Last week Rihanna was accused of promoting drug use after posting a picture on photo-sharing website Instagram showing her sitting on her bodyguard’s shoulders and “cutting up” what looks like a white powder on his head. Wow, some role model? Rihanna may be a good singer, but her lifestyle leaves one with more questions than answers.

Rihanna at Coachella Living it Up?

I hope she would return to her Barbadian roots — a Christian upbringing and not a worldly life with drug and booze-fueled parties that will send her to an early grave like her idol Whitney Houston and many others.


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