Frank Rich slams Mitt Romney on his failure to release more tax returns saying, “the bigger problem is that his secrecy keeps accentuating all the mysteries in his resume.” Damn. Remember those hard drives in Massachusetts that he erased as he left office?

Frank Rich:  “Is there any major Republican, from George Will to Bill Kristol to Haley Barbour, who has not called for Romney to release more returns? Surely Romney himself is asking for more than two years of returns from the veep prospects he’s vetting. What Mitt doesn’t seem to realize is that whatever embarrassments are in his tax returns, the bigger problem is that his secrecy keeps accentuating all the mysteries in his resume: the erased hard drives he left behind when leaving office as Massachusetts governor; what exactly he did as a longtime lay official in the Mormon church; and, of course, what exactly he did and didn’t do at Bain and, for that matter, when he was there and not there. If he keeps trying to wait out the tax storm, it will keep growing — hitting a new peak when he finally releases the one additional year of tax returns he has agreed to disclose, and another when his veep pick is asked to release his or her tax returns.

It’s funny we aren’t hearing more about those erased hard drives in Massachusetts in the election cycle. It seems to tie into the whole “mystery” surrounding Mitt Romney’s qualifications for president.

Here’s another’s pundit’s take on the Romney Tax Returngate:

Steve Kornacki: “Maybe the calendar offers a clue about Romney’s thinking. In just over a week, the London Olympics will kick off. If you’re going to release more embarrassing tax returns, maybe that would be the ideal time?”