Michelle Malkin Ate My Baby!
Vile Michelle Malkin: Romney Types Sign The Front Of Paychecks While Obama Types “Spent Their Entire Lives Signing The Back” (Photo credit: Random Factor)

Right wing blogger Michelle Malkin (who is of Filipino descent) is slamming Obama supporters as “Obama types,” who like to sign the back of checks for the rest of their lives, while “Romney types” sign the front of checks. Um, so Obama supporters are being compared to deadbeats on welfare? Or is she insulting the millions of Obama supporters who are gainfully employed and hardworking? Which is it Michelle Malkin? Wait, wasn’t she being interviewed by the “Fox and Friends” team who actually sign paychecks from Fox News or News Corp? Spewing a lot of venom as usual. There’s a word for people like Michelle Malkin — wannabe. I could think of some other words, but I’ll keep it clean.

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