The Romney campaign released a new video, “We Need Mitt Romney,” targeting black voters and true to form, his campaign rewrote history by splicing his speech from the NAACP convention, with shots of some audience members nodding in agreement and even getting a standing ovation, which incidentally came at the end of his speech, not in the middle as this video would have you think. If I recall correctly, Mitt Romney was booed a few times during that speech, particularly when he said he would repeal Obamcare.

One of the four black Americans appearing in the video declares, “We need in our next president someone who will be honest, open and transparent.” Really? Transparent and open? She’s isn’t talking about Willard Mitt Romney, who refuses to release more tax returns, whose Olympic archival records are under wraps, who can’t seem to say what he would do to help the black community and whose claim to have created thousands of jobs while at Bain Capital is spotty and who skirts the U.S. tax laws by dumping millions in offshore accounts. Is this the same Mitt Romney we are talking about?

It’s ironic that transparency and honesty should be mentioned in Mitt Romney’s new campaign video because conservative New Hampshire Union Leader newspaper is calling on him to release his tax returns:

“But there is no place for secrecy or, indeed, privacy in a Presidential campaign. If you want the job, you have to subject yourself to the scrutiny. You have to be prepared to stand and explain, indeed, justify, your actions. If they are legal, then so be it… Surely he could not have arrogantly believed that he could withstand any storm that developed by bluffing his way through it? If so, it hasn’t worked.””If Romney intends to win, he is going to have to make the tax forms public.”

Watch “We Need Mitt Romney” campaign video targeting black community: