obama compared to aurora gunman james holmes on new billboard
Idaho Billboard Comparing Obama to Aurora Gunman James Holmes is Reprehensible, Goes too Far (KBOI2)

The Ralph Smeed Foundation erects billboard comparing President Obama to Aurora shooter James Holmes. It is reprehensible and goes too far, but plays into the right wing’s scare tactics to get voters nervous enough to vote for the “wazzock” Mitt Romney. The group said the billboard, which is located on Franklin Road, is meant to draw attention to military men and women dying overseas, KBOI2 reports.

George W. Bush mission accomplished
George W. Bush on aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln saying ‘mission accomplished’ Iraq war.

Um, sorry, but this is way over the line. If you want to draw people’s attention to military men and women dying overseas, you don’t use the picture of the man who singlehandedly carried out the worst shooting massacre in this country’s history and compare the President to him. In fact, more soldiers died in Iraq and Afghanistan after former president George W. Bush landed on the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln on May 1, 2003, saying “mission accomplished.”

Equating President Obama’s foreign policies, which have largely been successful, to the reprehensible and despicable acts of James Holmes is an affront to the 12 people who were killed and the 58 wounded, as well as their families.

Here is a sampling of the comments left on KBOI 2’s website:

Maggie8 Go Idaho!!!!   Obama did nothing to deserve the Nobel Peace Prize and it should be taken away based on his cooperating with the Russians to allow the slaughter of thousands of Syrians… doing absolutely nothing to help.  He jumped right in when Egypt was incurring the same thing because Obama supports the Muslium Brotherhood.   He has made his bed with the Russians and cannot cross them now, we are next.  Obama is selling out America.  Freedom of speech… applies to all.  Suck it up you liberal cry babies.  Stay strong Idaho… don’t fold to pressure from the left.

Son Sam What is way over the line is that he is said to have two foreign citizenships, one from Kenya through his biological Kenyan father and one from Indonesia through his adoptive Indonesian father! What is way over the line is that he  appears to have used a proven forged birth certificate and forged selective service documentation to establish a false identity!  What is way over the line is that it seems he gas multiple aliases; barack Obama. Barack Soebarkah, Barry Soetero,  and Harrison J. Bounell! What is way over the line is that he is said to be currently using a stolen SS#! What is way over the line is that his college transcripts, law school transcripts and publications, and the reason for lose of his law license have all been sealed by executive order! WHAT IS WAY OVER THE LINE IS THAT ALL OF THIS IS WITHOUT MSM OR CONGRESSIONAL CHALLENGE!! His policies may be A problem, but they are not THE problem! HE is THE problem!!!

Alice I fell sorry for the shooting victims of whom my friend was one, but the billboard doesn’t offend me, when your right your right and this billboard is right!!!!!!!!!!!!

Carmencita Nazis’??? Seriously? You had better take a look at what your precious president and his intolerant fascist supporters do to those they do not agree with . ..  who’s the Nazi now???? The First Amendment  means nothing to these hypocrites. Intolerance is willingly tolerated when it is a conservative disagreeing with  the  left-wing views of Obama and his thugs. Whoever gave you that passing grade in your constitutional law class should be shot because you came out of it without even an inkling of what America is about or what the Constitution stands for.

 There are striking similarities between Obama’s policies to control industry and those of Adolf Hitler’s National Socialism.  Cases in point, raping the holdings of auto company shareholders and putting czars in charge of industry, over-reaching dictates to exercise control over commerce.  Turning control of GM over to the union stooges, Chrysler to Fiat.  Ruling by executive order.  Give him a second term and say goodbye to the full Bill of Rights, starting with the first four amendments.
These are the wingnuts Mitt Romney and the Republican Party are appealing to for support. I didn’t realize President Obama was the one who ordered the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. I guess he retroactively ordered the Armed Forces, starting with the first skirmish with Saddam Hussein during George H. W. Bush’s term, including Bill Clinton’s Somalia and Bosnian offensives, right up to George W. Bush.