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Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan Didn’t Build the Republican Party They are Trying to Tear Down

COMMENTARY: As an independent, I am appalled at how the Republican Party has moved to the extreme right, at the prodding of right wing evangelicals and social conservatives, who define Biblical truths to suit their myopic views of life, including women’s rights. I very open to giving presidential candidate Mitt Romney a hard look as someone I could possibly have voted for in the general elections in November. But given the trajectory the Republican Party is on to alienate women, blacks, gays and lesbians, as well as Latinos, then I will cast my vote for Barack Obama. Some on the right laud Mitt Romney’s ‘bold’ vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan, who has brought two other people on the ticket by virtue of his questionable cosponsoring record and his hypocritical love of an atheist, though he professes to be a ‘faithful’ Catholic. Those two people are Rep. Todd Akin and controversial writer Ayn Rand. Mitt Romney chose Paul Ryan because he was bearish on his chances of beating President Obama and he is being overshadowed by a hypocrite and a liar. Wait, how could I forget, Paul Ryan is a carbon-copy of Mitt Romney — flip-flopper and Etch-A-Sketch master rolled into one. Paul Ryan is still viewed negatively by most Americans and the Romney campaign hasn’t seen a bounce in the poll numbers from this ‘desperate’ pick.

Republicans attacking a woman's right to an abortion for rape and incest
Republicans, Led by Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, Attacking the Rights of Women to Make Personal Decisions About Pregnancy from Rape and Incest.

Rep. Todd Akin’s “legitimate rape rarely leads to pregnancy because the woman’s body has mechanisms to shut that pregnancy down” remark didn’t come from a place of total ignorance. People who share his political ideology in Congress believe the same garbage he does. He just said what most Republicans think to be true about women. He just let the cat of out the bag. That’s all. The mere fact that the Republican convention platform doesn’t specify that abortion should be allowed when a rape or incest is involved reinforces the fact that most Republicans share Todd Akin’s views, including Mitt Romney and especially Paul Ryan. In short, Todd Akin = Paul Ryan=Mitt Romney. More right wing hypocrisy engineered by a bunch of social conservatives, who are defending Todd Akin. The Republican Party as we know it is in disarray and leading us back to the Jim Crow era where blacks had to go to extraordinary lengths to vote, by passing a poll test– in this case, they have to get a specific type of identification to vote, in other words, that identification is comparable to that Jim Crow literacy test, which was outlawed by the Voting Rights Act of 1965. I might also add, former presidential candidate Newt Gingrich had suggested bringing back a version of the poll test. Here’s a link to an actual poll test used in Alabama: http://www.crmvet.org/info/litques.pdf.

Franklin County, OH, Republican chairman Doug Preisse couldn’t even bear to hide his goal of suppressing black voters in his county. He had no qualms about saying they don’t want to cater to the black community. But it’s okay to cater to the ultra-rich like Sheldon Adelson, who is trying to buy the election for Mitt Romney. He backed Newt Gingrich early in the process and that went nowhere, much like his bid to unseat Barack Obama and replace him with Mitt Romney, whose business record we still can’t explain in any amount of coherence or even see his tax returns.

The New York Times has an interesting editorial out that slams the GOP platform as “mean-spirited and intolerant” representing the face of Republican politics in 2012. I am ashamed that not one female Republican lawmaker denounced Rep. Todd Akin’s claims nor has one stood up for women’s issues in any shape or form.

The draft demands that the government “not fund or subsidize health care which includes abortion coverage,” which could bar abortion coverage on federally subsidized health-insurance exchanges, for example.

The platform praises states with “informed consent” laws that require women to undergo medically unnecessary tests before having abortions, and “mandatory waiting periods.” Those are among the most patronizing forms of anti-abortion legislation. They presume that a woman is not capable of making a considered decision about abortion before she goes to a doctor. The draft platform also espouses the most extreme Republican views on taxation, national security, military spending and other issues.

Over all, it is farther out on the party’s fringe than Mr. Romney ventured in the primaries, when he repudiated a career’s worth of centrist views on issues like abortion and gay marriage. But the planks hew closely to the views of his running mate, Paul Ryan, and the powerful right-wing. Mr. Romney has a chance to move back in the direction of the center by amending this extremist platform. It will be interesting to see if he seizes it. Source: NY Times

As a black professional woman, I could no more vote for Mitt Romney on the basis of their attack on women’s rights, than on the perceived slight of the middle class and poor at the expense of the wealthy. Under Paul Ryan’s proposed budget plan, the rich would get an early Christmas gift, while the poor, middle class and seniors would get kicked in the ass. Mitt Romney and his campaign are waging a dirty campaign fraught with lies and smears, such as the series of welfare ads against President Obama that have been fact-checked by neutral parties, who said they are patently false. I am sad to say, the ‘you didn’t build that’ mantra applies to Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. Why? You see, they didn’t build the early Republican Party, that stood for decency and respect, including the abolition of slavery in America. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are certainly among those who want to tear down what the party stood for and replace it with a party teetering on the brink of extremism. Hey Mitt and Paul, you didn’t build that!