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Romney Confuses Sikh with Sheik at Iowa Fundraiser, As Popularity Hits New Low(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

ROMNEY GAFFE:  Mitt Romney confuses sikh with sheik at a fundraiser in Des Moines, Ia., Tuesday, when he offered condolences to the victims of last weekend’s shooting rampage by white supremacist Wade Michael Page, at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin. Um, this is the gaffe-prone wannabe who aspires to being the next president. SMH.

Romney said: “We had a moment of silence in honor of the people who lost their lives at that sheik temple. I noted that it was a tragedy for many, many reasons. Among them are the fact that people, the sheik people, are among the most peaceable and loving individuals you can imagine, as is their faith. And of course, the person who carried out this heinous act was a person motivated by racial hatred and religious intolerance.” Source

Hey Mitt, here’s the meaning of a ‘sheik’ or ‘sheikh:”

  1. Arab chief: the leader of an Arab family or village
  2. Islamic religious leader: a senior official in an Islamic religious organization
  3. physically appealing man: a handsome and physically appealing man

I am sure his intention wasn’t to insult the Sikhs, but a slip of the tongue, but it plays right into his gaffe-prone persona. This comes as his popularity is still in the toilet.  A new ABC News/Washington Post poll finds he has the lowest personal popularity ratings for a presidential nominee in midsummer election-year polls back to 1984.  The poll finds that 40% of Americans overall view him favorably, 49% unfavorably, essentially leaving him underwater, numerically, in 10 straight polls this year. The way it stands now is that a new high of 30% now see him “strongly” unfavorably, nearly double his strongly favorable score.

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