Lauren Abraham killed in Superstorm Sandy
Victims of Superstorm Sandy Include: Jessie Streich-Kest, Jacob Vogelman, Lauren Abraham, Tony Liano, Richard and Elizabeth Everett

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims in post-tropical cyclone Sandy. More than 50 people have died, with 22 being from the New York City area. The victims of Superstorm Sandy include:

  • Jessie Streich-Kest, 24, and Jacob Vogelman, 23, who were crushed by a falling tree while walking their dog in Brooklyn
  • Lauren Abraham, 23, was electrocuted by a downed power cable having gone out to take photographs
  • Tony Laino, 29, was killed in his bed when a tree crashed through his house in Flushing, Queens.
  • Richard Everett, 54, and his wife Elizabeth killed in their car by falling tree in Mendham, New Jersey .
  • Police Officer Artur Kasprzak died trying to save his family from the flooding.
  • Angela Dresch died, her mother  in critical condition and her father still missing after Sandy reduced their  house in Tottenville, Staten Island, to rubble.
  • John Filipowicz Sr, 51, and his son, John Filipowicz Jr, 20, were found dead in the basement of their home in Oakwood Beach.
  • Ella Norris, 89, was found in her home in Ocean Breeze, it is believed she was drowned by the rising waters.
  • Herminia St John, 75, from Manhattan, died from a heart attack when the power supply to her respiratory machine cut out.
  • John Miller, 39, was killed while standing by his car outside his home in Lloyd Harbour, Long Island, waiting to evacuate.
  • Safar Shafinoori, 84, of Roslyn, NY,  was killed by a falling tree as he went outside to move his car during the storm.

Here are some more pictures of Superstorm Sandy victims:

New York Police officer Artur Kasprzak killed
Hero: New York Police Artur Kasprzak killed saving his family in Superstorm Sandy (Photo credit: NYPD)
Jacob Vogelman and Jessie Streich-Kest
Young Brooklyn couple Jacob Vogelman and Jessie Streich-Kest killed during Superstorm Sandy.