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Mitt Romney Set to Slam Obama During Foreign Policy Speech, But Has Been Vague on Details Getty Images via @daylife)

Mitt Romney is set to deliver a foreign policy speech today and there’s one problem — he’s vague on the details, like many of the issues.  The New York Times reports he plans to ding President Obama by saying that “hope is not a strategy.” Fair enough, but what is his plan? To have Benjamin Netanyahu call the shots?

“But beyond his critique of Mr. Obama as failing to project American strength abroad, Mr. Romney has yet to fill in many of the details of how he would conduct policy toward the rest of the world, or to resolve deep ideological rifts within the Republican Party and his own foreign policy team. It is a disparate and politely fractious team of advisers that includes warring tribes of neoconservatives, traditional strong-defense conservatives and a band of self-described ‘realists’ who believe there are limits to the degree the United States can impose its will.”

The New York magazine notes that “talking tough even if he doesn’t have the specifics worked out could be an effective strategy, as long as Romney advisers can restrain themselves from venting to reporters for the next month.”

The problem is that Mitt Romney is making inroads because President Obama hasn’t made the case for his reelection effectively. From his performance at the first presidential debate, looking down and looking defeated, it might seem he doesn’t really want to win a second term. I am hoping Obama will step up his game at the next debate or Mitt Romney will seem a viable alternative to many, including me. I hate to say it, but I am back on the fence as I was during the 2004 primary season, when Hillary Clinton was the person I preferred to get that 3 a.m. phone call.

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