Mitt Romney’s “binders full of women” line is sticking, just like Big Bird from the first presidential debate. The Obama campaign has a promoted tweet slamming his comment and not backing equal pay for women via the Lilly Ledbetter Act. Read more below:

You know what whole “binders full of women” culling thingy? Greg Sargent from the Washington Post sets the record straight:

The tale isn’t quite how he told it, according to Liz Levin, the chair of a women’s group that was right in the middle of the story at the time.

In fact, Levin tells me, the groups initiated contact with him and urged him to hire more women — when he was still a candidate — and began creating the binders themselves on their own initiative before he took office. In fairness to Romney, she says, he did agree to work with them…

“He did not initiate our project,” Levin says. “He was the recipient of a project we put together.”