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Wyclef Jean Yéle Charity Took in $16M in Donations, Did Little for Earthquake Ravished Haiti (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Wyclef Jean is under the gun again over claims he made in his book, “Purpose: An Immigrant’s Story,” that his Yéle charity was Haiti’s “greatest asset and ally.” One problem with that — a continuing investigation by the New York attorney general’s office has found a trail of financial improprieties. Um, Yéle was more like one of the greatest scams ever pulled on the people of Haiti.

New York Times:  But on his book tour for ,” Mr. Jean, who made an aborted bid for the presidency of Haiti after the earthquake, neglects to mention two key facts: a continuing New York attorney general’s investigation has already found financial improprieties at , and the charity effectively went out of business last month, leaving a trail of debts, unfinished projects and broken promises.

“If I had depended on Yéle,” said Diaoly Estimé, whose orphanage features a wall painting of Mr. Jean and his wife, “these kids would all be dead by now.”

Even as Yéle is besieged by angry creditors, an examination of the charity indicates that millions in donations for earthquake victims went to its own offices, salaries, consultants’ fees and travel, to Mr. Jean’s brother-in-law for projects never realized, to materials for temporary houses never built and to accountants dealing with its legal troubles.

According to the NY Times report, it’s unconscionable that the charity spent “$600,00 on its headquarters, which is now abandoned; more than $300,000 on landscaping and more than $400,000 on food and beverages,” but not directly to the people of Haiti.

Seems that Wyclef Jean is forgetting that the truth always manifests itself eventually. The people of Haiti dodged a bullet when he didn’t become their president. Clearly he cannot manage money and would have made the country far worse than it is today.


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