jordan russell davis viewing
Outpouring of Grief at Viewing of Teen Jordan Russell Davis Killed by Michael David Dunn Over Loud Music

Many brought to tears at Jordan Russell Davis’ viewing in Jacksonville. He was killed senselessly by a trigger-happy man,  Michael David Dunn, whose judgment was quite possibly clouded by alcohol. His lawyer Robin Lemonidis claims a shotgun was pointed at him, but the cops didn’t find any weapons in the SUV Davis was riding in.  The defense team will try to impugn the reputation of this young man, as George Zimmerman has done through his defense lawyers and friends, to sully the name of Trayvon Martin, who he senselessly murdered.

Davis’ accused shooter, 45-year-old Michael David Dunn, waived his first court appearance in Jacksonville Wednesday morning after being extradited Tuesday from Brevard County. The Melbourne man was charged with second-degree murder.

Dunn’s attorney, Robin Lemonidis, also of Melbourne, stated her client “absolutely” saw someone with a shotgun in the red sport-utility vehicle next to his car at the convenience store that night.

Lemonidis has said Dunn fired in self-defense and it will be shown that he “acted appropriately.” She would only say that “we’ll see” if Florida’s Stand Your Ground law would be part of her defense.

Dunn’s next court appearance will be Dec. 19. He is being held in the Duval County jail without bail. Source

Michael David Dunn’s attorney may try to invoke the “Stand Your Ground” law to try to seek for a dismissal of the case or a not-guilty verdict when the case is litigated, but there are witnesses to Mr. Dunn’s claim that he saw a gun, which led him to fire his gun, even at a moving vehicle, after he approached the teens asking them to turn down their loud music. I am amazed that little is being made of the reckless behavior displayed by Michael David Dunn — firing into a vehicle with other occupants, with no regard for one or more of the occupants being shot.